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This Website and any rights pertaining to this Website are held by SUEK.

The term ‘Website’ relates to an aggregation of webpages located at, as well as their sub-domains, internal folders and individual pages (,

Webpages available at other addresses which do not meet the above criteria cannot be considered parts of the Website.

The terms ‘SUEK’, ‘SUEK Group’, and ‘the Company’ used on the Website, refer to SUEK, its subsidiary companies and affiliated persons unless otherwise stated in a specific context.

Your use of this Website means that you agree with the General conditions. Once you accept the General conditions, they shall become a binding agreement between the Company and you and shall regulate your use of the Website or Services (‘Agreement’). If you do not want to comply with the General conditions, do not use this Website.

From time to time, the Company may change the conditions and provisions stated below. By accessing this Website you agree that its conditions and provisions which are current at the time of access, apply to you and must be reviewed every time you re-access the Website.

This Website and the software which it operates are provided to the user ‘as is’ without any guarantees, whether explicit or implicit. Information contained on this Website is not exhaustive. Despite all SUEK ’s efforts, it may prove inaccurate, outdated or not applicable to a specific situation. The Company shall bear no responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions of information on this Website (except for deliberate misrepresentation).

The Company shall bear no responsibility for any damage, whether direct or indirect, including loss of expected profit caused or arisen due to accessing this Website or as a result of such access as well as due to inability to access the Website. If you are dissatisfied with any element of the Website or any of the stated provisions, the only and exclusive means of protecting your rights is to stop using the Website.

If you decide to access this Website, your access and any dispute regarding maintaining confidentiality shall be regulated by this Policy for maintaining confidentiality and the General conditions stated above. SUEK reserves the right to make changes to this policy without notifying the users. If you continue to use the Website once changes have been made to this policy, this means that you accept these changes.

SUEK shall bear responsibility only in situations which are stipulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Any information about the Company, its products and services as well as any other information published on the Website is provided based on SUEK’s data. At the same time, any such information within the limits stipulated by the legislation cannot be considered as guarantees or obligations on the part of the Company and cannot be interpreted by the user as information which relieves it from the need to acquire additional data or to perform tests.

Part of the information contained on this Website may represent predictions or other statements regarding future events or expected financial indicators of the Company’s activities. The Company warns that any such statements are predictions only and that real events or performance results may be significantly different from such predictions. The Company shall bear no responsibility for accuracy of any such predictions.

The Company has the right to make changes to any sections of this Website without prior notice. It can also stop operation of individual sections of the Website or the entire Website at any time at its sole discretion. Relevance of information presented on the Website and timeliness of its updates is not guaranteed by SUEK.

Links to third party Websites (‘hyperlinks’) cannot be considered as guarantee on the part of the Company regarding such Websites, the Company shall bear no responsibility for operation of such Websites and their contents, while all risks related to following hyperlinks shall be borne by the user. The Company shall bear no responsibility for the contents of other Websites including websites which you could use to access this Website or which you could access from this Website. The Company shall bear no responsibility in conjunction with such websites or links.

If hyperlinks to a third party Website are provided, this is done in good faith and with conviction that such a website contains or may contain material which is related to the contents of this Website. Such a hyperlink does not mean that the Company has checked or approved the appropriate third party website or its contents or that it expresses approval, sponsors or maintains affiliated relationships with this Website, its owners or providers.

Please note that the data about goods, services and works of the Company or other persons published on this Website is not an offer to the general public. Availability of specific goods, feasibility of providing services or performing works as well as their costs must be confirmed at the points of their provision.

Availability of information about career opportunities with the Company on the Website is not a guarantee of a job placement for any persons who have submitted their CVs under the established procedure. The actual availability of individual job opportunities must be confirmed with the appropriate HR department. Selection of candidates for the jobs is carried out in compliance with labour legislation.


Your use of this Website and effect of these conditions and provisions are regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The courts of the Russian Federation possess exclusive jurisdiction regarding any disputes which may arise in conjunction with your use of this Website. By accessing this Website you expressly agree to comply with the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation.

Exclusive rights and the use of materials from the website

The Website is owned by SUEK.

Information contained on the Website as texts, images, software and other materials is the property of the Company and is available on the Website based on permission of relevant authors.

You can use the materials contained on the Website for non-commercial purposes — private and informational. Provision of a link to the Website or the name of the Company is a prerequisite for using the materials from the Website (full or partial citation).

Any reproduction, sale or distribution of the information contained on the Website for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Unless otherwise stated, all trademarks and service marks, software, databases, business names, company names or other protected intellectual property items presented on the Website are the property or are used by the Company under license. Use of protected intellectual property items published on this Website, including their publication on other websites or Internet resources (including a hyperlink to this Website) without permission of the Company violates the Company’s exclusive rights and shall be subjected to persecution in the manner prescribed by law.

Personal data

Personal data is any information which relates to an individual (owner of personal data) which directly or indirectly can be identified, for example, your name, postal address, email address or phone number. If during your visit to the Website you leave any of your personal data on it, fill out any forms, submit your CV, participate in a competition or provide any other data, you automatically give your consent to the Company to process your personal data contained in these documents, including transferring it to other divisions, subsidiary companies or affiliated persons of the Company, including trans-border transfer.

Collection and processing of personal data

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and, when applicable, the requirements of the EU Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR 2016/679), through the Website, the Company receives personal data only if it is provided by the User himself, for example, while registration on the Website (subscription to news, filling out feedback forms, etc.).

The personal data provided by the User is provided with appropriate security measures and is used only to process the User's requests on the Company's Website.

The Company also analyses traffic on its Website in order to understand the requirements of our customers and on their basis to constantly improve this Website. For statistical purposes, only aggregated anonymous data is used during web analysis.

In addition, the Company uses cookies to track visitors' preferences and improve navigation on the Website (for more information, see the Cookies / Disclaimer section).

The Company removes the User’s personal data during one working day if requested via email


During development and update of the Website, SUEK seeks to ensure maximum availability of information and materials. To this effect, the Company performs continuous analysis of the Website’s effectiveness, ensuring it follows best international practice and is compliant with international information availability standards (WCAG).


The Company shall ensure the most convenient navigation by:

  • easy and univocal identification of the names of sections and pages;
  • highlighting the section which the user has accessed in the menu;
  • using an additional navigation menu which highlights the page structure and the location of the user;
  • providing an opportunity to use sequential page navigation (the «previous» and «next» pages according to the Website’s top-down structure). Sequential navigation can be activated by the user in the following ways:
    • by using the following key combination: [CTRL] + [<-] and [CTRL] + [->] (for computers which run on MS Windows) or [⌘] + [->] and [⌘] + [<-] (for computers which run on MacOS);
    • by using special keys or their combinations, depending on the web browser used;
    • by activating the «previous» and «next» buttons on the website pages.
  • adapting navigation tools to suit various access devices (desktop computer, touchscreen tablet computer or touchscreen smartphone);
  • clear identification of internal and external links;
  • using additional top-down navigation («bread crumbs»), which shows the location and nesting of the current page within the website structure.

Use of terms and abbreviations

SUEK seeks to avoid excessive and unjustifiable use of special terms and abbreviations. If they are used, at first reference on a Website page, the term or abbreviation shall be highlighted in a special manner so the user can check its definition by clicking on the term or abbreviation. A list of most frequently used terms and abbreviations is available in the Glossary.


SUEK seeks to use readily readable fonts and colour schemes for the Website.

For individuals with impaired vision the following features are provided:

  • a high- contrast version which can be accessed by pushing the [ ] button in the upper area of the Website. During subsequent visits the user will be directed to the selected version (default or high contrast).
  • a font size changing function for the main texts which is activated by pushing the [ ] and [ ] buttons. During subsequent visits the user will be directed to the selected version (default or high contrast).
  • the zoom control function which is activated by pushing the [ ] and [ ] buttons or by using a combination of [CTRL] + scroll Up and [CTRL] + Scroll Down of the mouse scroll wheel.

SUEK seeks to preserve the general layout and location of the contents on the Website pages when using any of the above mentioned functions, however the priority is given to readability of the contents. In this regard, SUEK cannot guarantee that the general layout of the Website pages will be preserved when these functions or their combinations are used.

In the event that the user utilises individual page view settings, including those that change the font size, colour and other parameters which affect the layout of the Website pages, the Company shall bear no responsibility for availability of information on the Website to such user.

Use of various access devices and browsers

SUEK regularly tests the Website for its correct display on various devices and browser versions. Because of the wide range of access devices, screen resolutions and browser versions and window sizes, SUEK cannot guarantee that the Website will be displayed in the same way on every user’s device.

The Website contains interactive elements which use technologies and software whose playback or display will not be supported by some outdated browser versions or access devices. In most cases the Website’s software tools will ensure replacement of interactive content with static content identical or as similar as possible in terms of meaning and substance.

In the event you have difficulties accessing the information or using the Website with your access device and browser, the Company recommends the following:

  • Use a different browser or a different version of the browser;
  • Use a different access device;
  • Contact SUEK with an enquiry using the format below:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Query
    • Type of access device (desktop computer / laptop / tablet / smartphone)
    • Model / technical specification of the device
    • Operating system
    • Browser and its version
    • Captcha
    • I agree with processing of my personal data

Website’s availability and Disclaimer of warranties

SUEK shall make its best efforts to provide access to the Website 24 hours a day. However the Company shall bear no responsibility in the event that the Website is completely or partly unavailable for any reason. Access to the Website may be temporarily suspended or limited without prior notice in the event of any system errors, for Website maintenance works or for correcting mistakes as well as for any reasons which are outside of the Company’s control.

The Company does not provide any affirmations or warranties regarding the fact that any functions or services which are component parts of the Website or Services will operate continuously or error-free, that errors will be corrected and that the Website or the server which ensures operation of the Website do not contain any viruses or any malicious software. The Company does not provide any affirmations or warranties regarding use of the Website contents in terms of their correctness, accuracy, validity, completeness, adequacy, practicality, reliability, or other.


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