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We have a clear objective: to develop our business in a sustainable manner, ensuring favourable conditions for future generations. This is why our activities and investment decisions consistently take account of environmental concerns.

With the consolidation of the energy business in 2018, we were able to extend environmental safety corporate controls to all stages of our operational cycle, from mining to energy generation. We aim to minimise environmental impact from our operational activities and the use of our products. We introduce best available technologies of methane utilisation, water treatment and dust suppression. We also focus on development of high-calorific deposits and coal washing to minimise dust and GHG emissions from our products during their transportation and combustion.

We are highly aware of the environmental impact of our operations. Therefore we view environmental protection as an integral part of our business and implement a full range of projects to mitigate our effect on the environment. We are guided by international practice in the field of environmental management, including the ISO 14001 environmental management system standards. Our production facilities are regularly audited by independent auditors who assess our compliance with these and other standards. We carry out our activities in accordance with the environmental policy (for more information, see

We continuously work to reduce hazardous emissions, primarily mine gas, and to improve wastewater treatment, waste disposal and energy efficiency. We also focus on reducing polluting emissions at generating facilities.

We have made considerable efforts to improve the reliability of metering data for energy consumption. Many of our facilities have automated measuring systems.

We run extensive land reclamation projects, including surface restoration, rock dump levelling, soil remediation, tree planting and landscaping.

SUEK’s environmental measures

In 2020 we continued to reduce water consumption from both surface and underground sources. At our generating facilities, water resources are mainly used for the cooling of equipment, which does not affect the quality of the water.

We also implement regular environmental training programmes for our employees and participate in global initiatives aimed at averting climate change and preserving biodiversity.

As part of our Bettercoal Code compliance audit in 2018, an assessment SUEK’s environmental performance was carried out. The experts noted that the company demonstrated best practices in:

  • Effective water management, which reduces the need for water intake
  • Efficient water purification through the use of modern modular treatment systems
  • Efficient energy management, via a comprehensive energy efficiency program aimed at reducing energy consumption.
  • The setting of targets for environmental and natural resource use.
  • Reducing the amount of waste generated by hazard Class I through the replacement of lamps containing mercury.
  • Plans for the re-cultivation of land disturbed by mining operations beyond what is required by law.
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