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SUEK is one of the largest taxpayers and employers in all regions of its presence. Participating in the integral development of the regions, we actively invest in social infrastructure and improve the quality of life for local communities, implement programmes to support vulnerable social groups, help in solving acute problems in the field of education and medicine. Many of SUEK's social projects became the benchmark for the mining sector of the economy and received public recognition.

In total, we implement our social programmes in more than 60 cities and towns of Russia. Our projects contribute to the creation of a comfortable social environment in mining towns, reduce the population drain from the eastern regions of Russia and are an effective factor in maintaining social steadiness.

Throughout 2021, SUEK implemented more than 150 social and charity projects in the regions of its presence, allocating $19 million for these means. Due to constructive engagement with regional and municipal authorities, public organizations and local communities, our projects attract significant budgetary and off-budget co-financing and become an essential component of the socio-economic development of areas.

The analyses of results obtained in the process of sociological research and polls make it feasible to evaluate the efficiency of the projects carried out and to define the further directions of social investments.

Our priorities:

  • Implementation of projects in improving housing conditions and the development of career coaching, sports and healthcare;
  • Increasing the appeal of regions of presence for young people, attracting young professionals to work in the coal industry;
  • Improving the effectiveness of our investments aimed at solving social issues in the regions, engaging local authorities, public organizations and business representatives in cooperation.

The Company's charitable activities are implemented in the fields most crucial for the regions' social development:

The company’s social activities cover multiple areas which, as we believe, are essential for improving the quality of life in the regions:

  • Ecology;
  • Career counseling;
  • Sports and a healthy way of life;
  • Healthcare;
  • Improvement of the regions of presence and development of infrastructure;
  • Leisure, culture, fulfillment of creative potential;
  • Improvement of local self-government;
  • Development of social and entrepreneurial activities of the population, development of self-realization opportunities.

The primary instrument for implementing the Company's social policy is the non–profit organization "Fund for Socio-Economic Support of Regions "SUEK-REGIONS". The Fund's activities cover all the regions of SUEK's presence. The Foundation develops and implements its own programmes in the regions of its presence, established with regard to the particularities of a certain locality.

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