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    • SUEK+sets+up+production+of+new+bactericidal+irradiators
    • SUEK+sets+up+production+of+new+bactericidal+irradiators
    • SUEK+sets+up+production+of+new+bactericidal+irradiators
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    • SUEK+sets+up+production+of+new+bactericidal+irradiators
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    • SUEK+sets+up+production+of+new+bactericidal+irradiators

SUEK sets up production of new bactericidal irradiators

12 January 2021
Technological Communications, a SUEK-Kuzbass service company, begins to produce bactericidal irradiators of a new, open type. They will be manufactured to meet demand from SUEK-Kuzbass' Medical Unit.

"We asked Technological Communications, with experience in this field, to create an open-type recirculator for our first aid posts," says Andrey Ladik, Deputy Chief Physician for Primary Care. "Its main advantage is the ability to disinfect any room in a short time. A simple example is a medical treatment room in a miners' medical facility. During a break in work, medical assistants turn on the recirculator, leave the room, and in just half an hour, ultraviolet disinfects the entire premise. This is especially important during the coronavirus pandemic."

The company promptly designed and set up the manufacture of such products. SKTS-2-6/30 irradiators are intended for large areas with a huge flow of people and make it possible to quickly disinfect first aid posts, showers, changing rooms or gyms. Their functioning is based on open ultraviolet radiation. Because of this, they cannot be used in the presence of people. Intense radiation destroys pathogenic microorganisms in 15-30 minutes. Angular lamp configuration ensures uniform disinfection of surfaces from floor to ceiling. Each device is equipped with handles and wheels for easy movement.

Unlike similar models, SKTS-2-6/30 have a timer and a remote control. The timer can be used for scheduling purposes. The remote control enables activation at a safe distance. To date, Technological Communications have produced 26 recirculators and fully met the company's needs.

Last spring, SUEK initiated in Kuzbass its own production of SKTS-1-2/30 recirculators designed for air disinfection in rooms where people are present. In April-May, the first batch of recirculators was shipped to the company. Experience shows that SKTS-1-2/30 bactericidal recirculators, while continuously operating, guarantee 99.9% sterility.

At the request of the Kemerovo - Kuzbass regional government, SUEK-Kuzbass increased the production of recirculators to equip social institutions in the region. The company have produced more than 1,600 items with Eurasian Economic Union's declarations proving their compliance with safety requirements. Among the recipients of SKTS-1-2/30 are secondary schools and lyceums, sports and art schools, ambulance stations, private companies, residents of cities and towns in Kuzbass.
From the first days of the pandemic, SUEK has been delivering a comprehensive programme in the regions where it operates. The programme is aimed both at improving the technical infrastructure of healthcare facilities and supporting the population. SUEK's volunteers actively participate in the #WeTogether campaign initiated by the All-Russia Popular Front.

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