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    • SUEK+publishes+its+operating+results+for+January-March+2020
    • SUEK+publishes+its+operating+results+for+January-March+2020
    • SUEK+publishes+its+operating+results+for+January-March+2020
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    • SUEK+publishes+its+operating+results+for+January-March+2020
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    • SUEK+publishes+its+operating+results+for+January-March+2020

SUEK publishes its operating results for January-March 2020

4 May 2020
In January-March 2020, SUEK produced 27.7 Mt of coal. Compared to Q1 2019, production growth totalled 1%.

Sales of coal and other energy products in January-March 2020 amounted to 29.1 Mt. International deliveries for the three months decreased by 5% to 12.9 Mt due to restrictions on rail transportation towards Russian far eastern ports and a partial redistribution of supplies to the domestic market because of lower export prices. At the same time, SUEK's own products exports increased by 9% to 10.2 Mt. The main international consumers were South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Morocco, India, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Coal sales to the Russian market fell by 10% to 16.2 Mt, of which 9.0 Mt were shipped to own power plants. The decrease in sales is explained by a drop in demand from energy generating companies due to a high water level and an abnormally warm winter.

In Q1 2020, SUEK’s power generating assets produced 18.9 billion kWh of electricity and 16.8 million Gcal of heat. Electricity generation rose by 30% year-on-year after purchasing the Reftinskaya GRES and Krasnoyarskaya GRES-2, while heat generation decreased by 4% because of the higher average outdoor temperature in 2020 compared to January-March 2019.

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