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    • SUEK+equips+loaders+with+visibility+enhancement+system+at+Murmansk+Commercial+Seaport++
    • SUEK+equips+loaders+with+visibility+enhancement+system+at+Murmansk+Commercial+Seaport++
    • SUEK+equips+loaders+with+visibility+enhancement+system+at+Murmansk+Commercial+Seaport++
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    • SUEK+equips+loaders+with+visibility+enhancement+system+at+Murmansk+Commercial+Seaport++
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    • SUEK+equips+loaders+with+visibility+enhancement+system+at+Murmansk+Commercial+Seaport++

SUEK equips loaders with visibility enhancement system at Murmansk Commercial Seaport

21 April 2020
The Murmansk Commercial Seaport pays great attention to occupational, fire and industrial safety andworks hard to improve the safety culture of its workers, develop their skills in various situations and enhance road safety at the port.

The Seaport is an innovator both in terms of using advanced technologies and introducing best practices in the field of safety and labour protection. A striking example of such practice is a project to install thermographic cameras on loaders operated by dozens of dockworkers every day.

At present, four cars are equipped with a new visibility improvement system, Intravision IVSR-2.3. Thermographic cameras are mounted in the rear part of the loader body and display the image on a monitor in the cab. The temperature range for object recognition purposes is from -60 to +250 degrees, and the camera angle of view is 120 degrees in the horizontal plane. Such characteristics make it possible to identify a human staying nearby in any weather conditions.

It is worth noting that the device is unique, since the contractor, together with Murmansk Commercial Seaport employees, has made a number of changes. In addition to the extended angle of view, the thermographic camera analyses the image and, if a human is detected, highlights the figure in red on the monitor and gives a loud signal.

"Today, technologies are developing very fast, and our task is to keep up with the times and look for ways to introduce them in our company. Thermographic cameras help loader drivers always stay alert and monitor the situation on the job site, which makes their work safer. So, we use these technologies for the benefit of our employees. After all, everyone knows that there is nothing more precious than the life and health of workers," said Evgeny Gulyaev, Technical Director of Murmansk Commercial Seaport.

Starting from 2020, all purchased machinery will be equipped with similar systems.

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