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SUEK enhances COVID-19 prevention

24 June 2021

SUEK enhances COVID-19 prevention measures. Although the infection rate across the company's units in the Krasnoyarsk region remains low, SUEK is taking additional actions to preserve the health and life of employees.

In particular, these units now pay even more attention to awareness building regarding vaccination, which should play a key role in achieving herd immunity and stopping this life-threatening infection. With that, SUEK stays committed to the principles of voluntary participation and transparency in all its employee relations.

In the Krasnoyarsk region, around 25% of the company's staff have been immunised, another 21% of employees have antibodies. In total, 45% of SUEK's employees are immune to COVID-19. However, the target is 60% in the nearest time, since, according to the World Health Organization, this percentage makes it possible to limit the spread of coronavirus in communities.

For the convenience of employees, vaccines are administered at corporate health posts, where doctors come from city hospitals. Besides, SUEK pays not only for on-site testing, the so-called PCR tests, but also for blood tests to analyse the amount of antibodies and assess the need for vaccination.

At the same time, SUEK has been implementing a set of measures developed by emergency response centres in line with government recommendations from the first days of the pandemic. These are thermographic cameras at the entrances to office buildings, daily monitoring of employee health, regular disinfection of industrial and personnel facilities and corporate vehicles, more frequent disinfection of overalls, providing employees and their families with personal protective equipment and hygiene products.

"Safety is a fundamental principle and an integral, daily part of our work. Today, when life itself requires safer conditions not only inside production facilities, where employees operate complex, potentially hazardous mechanisms, but starting from the entrances to the buildings and even outside, in everyday life. We do our best to save our teams, each person for work and family. I do hope for understanding and responsibility on the part of my colleagues, as all people should take care of their health and the health of their loved ones, without neglecting protective and preventive measures," said Andrey Fedorov, General Director of SUEK-Krasnoyarsk.

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