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    • Maxim+Basov+appointed+as+General+Director+of+SGC
    • Maxim+Basov+appointed+as+General+Director+of+SGC
    • Maxim+Basov+appointed+as+General+Director+of+SGC
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    • Maxim+Basov+appointed+as+General+Director+of+SGC
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    • Maxim+Basov+appointed+as+General+Director+of+SGC

Maxim Basov appointed as General Director of SGC

15 February 2023
14 February 2023 Maxim Basov was appointed to the position of General Director of LLC «Siberian Generating Company».

Maxim Basov will be concurrently holding this position with the position of SUEK's CEO. SGC is entrusted with the tasks of increasing the company's efficiency, broadly introducing clean coal generation technologies, and developing and enhancing Russia's energy strategy. Maxim Basov named deepening integration with SUEK as one of the important focuses of his duties at SGC.

“The company is facing daunting tasks this year, which is why I decided to personally help SGC to reach a new level of development. Furthermore, in addition to working on important strategic goals, we will continue with projects aimed at modernising power plants and improving the quality and reliability of heat supply”, - Maxim Basov stated.

Stepan Solzhenitsyn, who previously headed SGC, is now taking over as Chairman of the SGC Board of Directors and will focus on the Strategic Development of Energy Assets. Maxim Basov expressed his gratitude to Stepan for his work in managing the company at a difficult time for the economy.

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