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We realise that it is only by operating responsibly and in the interest of all stakeholders that we will continue to build a successful and sustainable business. First of all, this means looking after our employees by supporting their professional development and ensuring safe working conditions as well as mitigating the negative impact on the environment.

By introducing new technologies to achieve these goals and working closely with local communities, we are able to satisfy the energy needs of the world community, while promoting sustainable development.

SUEK has an ESG evaluation from S&P and is included in RAEX ESG ranking

SUEK is compliant with the international standards



As a company with energy, logistics and coal businesses, we acknowledge that our operations can have an impact on the environment. Therefore, an important part of our responsible approach is carefully controlling and minimising this impact as well as running proactive conservation programmes to ensure we preserve the natural environment for present and future generations.

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Year priorities

  • Obtaining integrated environmental permits for our production assets as a confirmation of using the best available technologies (BAT) at the company’s facilities
  • Updating the internal environmental audit procedures to prevent violations identified by supervisory authorities
  • Introducing an updated contracting standard
  • Developing a programme to increase the share of reused and recycled waste in the Energy segment
  • Promoting co-generation and electrification to optimise fuel use and reduce emissions
  • Implementing technologies to increase the energy efficiency of our equipment

Key highlights for 2021


People are at the heart of our business. We are committed to creating excellent living and working conditions for our employees and the local residents in the regions where we operate, and also to bringing warmth and light into people’s homes.

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Year priorities

  • Maintaining self-sufficiency in qualified personnel
  • Enhancing SUEK’s employer brand
  • Analysing employee engagement
  • Developing our talent management system
  • Unifying H&S corporate regulations and reporting across the Group
  • Updating H&S requirements for contractors
  • Implementing a unified health and safety information system
  • Supporting the regions where we operate and for the most vulnerable social groups during the pandemic

Key highlights for 2021


In defining corporate governance best practice, we followed clauses of the Code of Corporate Governance recommended by the Bank of Russia as well as standards set out in the UK Code of Corporate Governance. We also implement the best public disclosure practices to benefit all stakeholders.

We recognize our social responsibility for equal competitive business environment being focused on doing fair and socially responsible business, continuous development of our corporate culture, which is based on strict compliance with the law in all jurisdictions, in which the company operates.

One of the company’s key priorities in the field of corporate governance is the implementation of anti-corruption policy aimed at creating active rejection of corruption among all employees of the company, strengthening the culture of publicity and openness in relations with the state and business partners.

Anti-Corruption Policy

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Key highlights for 2021

50% Independent Directors including Independent Chairman
ISO Re-certification of  ISO, including our Compliance system and Anti-corruption management