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Why Join SUEK?

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SUEK employs people worldwide and is one of the largest employers in Russia. We continually invest in the professional development of our staff so they can enjoy a fulfilling and challenging career. Our absolute priority is the wellbeing and health of our employees. We offer staff a package that includes a wide range of benefits.

SUEK’s Human Resources Policy is fully compliant with Russian and International labour legislation and follows SUEK’s own Code of Conduct. We ensure no job applicant is subjected to any form of discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, age or any other grounds.

  • One in ten SUEK employees attend the Corporate University of SUEK
  • SUEK regularly organises corporate events such ‘Professional Olympic games’
  • SUEK actively promotes safe and responsible behaviour

Career opportunities

SUEK is the largest coal company in Russia and one of the largest heat and power producers.

SUEK provides its staff with comfortable and safe working conditions, fair and competitive remuneration and a generous employee benefits package.

Collective agreements with trade unions help define the company’s social obligations to SUEK employees.

Career opportunities

Professional development

SUEK continually invests in staff training. The company operates a regional network of educational institutions in which employees develop existing or new skills. They are also taught best practice in health and safety.

The focal point of SUEK Corporate Training is the Corporate University. SUEK’s University programmes are designed to support career and professional development of employees at all levels.

SUEK’s ‘Target Training for Students’ programme helps to support promising students and potential future employees.

Cooperation agreements with higher education institutions mean SUEK is able to help build modern classrooms and equip them with the latest technology.

We support an effective mentoring system, so the new generation of employees can learn from the vast expertise of experienced staff.


We are an acknowledged leader in the field of social responsibility, implementing large-scale social, charitable and environmental programmes.

SUEK uses the latest technology to reduce the negative impact of industrial activity on the environment. We do everything possible to maintain a healthy environment for future generations.

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