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Our purpose is to meet the energy needs of communities across the world by producing and transporting heat, electricity and commodities safely and sustainably while delivering value to all our stakeholders.


Already the top coal producer in Russia, we want to be one of the leading coal and energy companies in the world. We will achieve this by expanding our existing mining, processing and power generating assets, investing in new production facilities and further developing our logistics systems. We also aim to increase our coal output and heat and power generation from assets located closer to our target markets, while continuing to drive innovation and change across the business.


Safety and efficiency True results — only under safe conditions

We are a results-oriented company. As such, we are always looking to improve efficiencies and maximise opportunities.

But our returns must never compromise safety. Coal mining has inherent high production risks, and we apply every effort to mitigate them. Safety is embedded in all our processes and is a non-negotiable part of everyday life across the business.

Stability and development Stability is possible only with continuous development

The stability of our company is underpinned not only by our financial and operational strength, but by the skills and commitment of our employees. SUEK puts the welfare and development of its people above all else. We aim to offer competitive salaries, good benefits and decent working conditions, thereby ensuring that our employees can operate to the very best of their abilities.

Continual development is also crucial to our success. We progress by implementing new technologies, improving working conditions, delivering high-quality products and ensuring the safety, health and productivity of our employees.

Professionalism and cooperation Personal expertise in teamwork

Professionalism for us means making an active contribution to the company and supporting colleagues. Cooperation is the ability to listen, understand and respect each other.

As part of our commitment to corporate responsibility and professionalism, we comply with all applicable laws and regulations, build respect into all our interactions with stakeholders, and constantly evolve in order to maintain our high level of performance.

Social responsibility Shared responsibility to society and the world

We seek to have a positive impact on the world around us. We take seriously our commitments to society and the environment, and to the communities and regions in which we operate, and follow best practice in social and environmental responsibility. Company’s interaction with local authorities and public and business associations is focused on the long term, and mutually beneficial interests and objectives.

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