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Anti-Corruption Management at SUEK

SUEK, as one of the largest energy companies, participates in global solid fuel supply chains and plays an important role in ensuring Russia's energy security. Its stable development is largely based on a strong reputation as a law-abiding and open company interested in spreading the best business practices.

We are aware of our responsibility to society to create an equal and competitive business environment, we are focused on conducting an honest and socially responsible business, continuous development of a corporate culture based on strict compliance with the law in all jurisdictions in which the company operates.

In its activities, SUEK strictly complies with the requirements of the law, relies on Russian and international standards for ethical and legal business conduct, expresses its official position to the authorities, contractors, consumers that it complies with anti-corruption requirements in its practice and strongly condemns any corruption offenses. SUEK expresses its readiness to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in combating corruption offences.

In 2013, SUEK joined the Anti-Corruption Charter of Russian Business and supports the overall efforts of the Russian business community to achieve a general consensus in the rejection of corruption, follows all the principles of preventing and combating corruption stated in the Charter.

To achieve the goals of the Charter, SUEK has implemented and is constantly improving the anti-corruption management system, which includes standards and procedures aimed at preventing corruption, and which is built according to a single methodology in all organizations controlled by SUEK.

In 2019, the company received an international certificate confirming the compliance of the SUEK anti-corruption management system with the requirements of the international standard ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Corruption Management Systems.

Adhering to the principle of openness in interaction with stakeholders, SUEK publishes for general information local regulations on preventing and combating corruption.

We believe that compliance with the law is the duty of every employee.

The involvement of employees in anti-corruption activities, the personal responsibility of employees for compliance with anti-corruption requirements are the basic foundations of an effective system of measures to prevent corruption. A special place in this system is given to the requirements for the corporate behavior of employees (including the requirements for the prevention and settlement of conflicts of interest). Such requirements are established by the company for all employees, regardless of their position.

A significant role in SUEK is given to managers at all levels who are required to take measures to ensure that subordinate employees comply with anti-corruption requirements, to prevent them from committing corruption offenses, set an example for subordinate employees and actively contribute to the implementation of anti-corruption requirements.

We have organized and operate a "hot line" on a permanent basis - a confidential channel for receiving applications from employees, contractors and other interested parties with information about corruption offenses and about the threats of such violations.

SUEK's efforts to create an atmosphere of inadmissibility of abuse in economic activity are impossible without maintaining a transparent and legal nature of relations with departments and business partners. That is why SUEK adheres to the need to implement such relationships only in the forms and limits permitted by law and expects business partners to take similar measures when negotiating with SUEK, making transactions and fulfilling mutual obligations.

An effective fight against corruption requires the participation of all members of our team, lawful cooperation with contractors and departments. The success and well-being of our company, our families and society as a whole depends on it.

Compliance management system

Strict observance of legislation, internal norms and rules is the goal of the internal compliance system for ensuring compliance with mandatory requirements (compliance management system). The main task of this system is to identify the causes and conditions that contribute to the violation of mandatory requirements, and to prevent such violations. An effective compliance management system ensures greater business resilience in today's world.

SUEK has a compliance management system designed to ensure that the company's activities constantly comply with mandatory requirements, internal rules and regulations, as well as business principles and standards in all segments of SUEK's activities and in all jurisdictions.

With the help of the corporate compliance system, SUEK timely identifies and reduces the risks of non-compliance in the field of anti-corruption, environmental protection, antimonopoly regulation, sanctions regulation, industrial safety, labor protection and other areas.

Anti-corruption is part of SUEK's compliance management system and is considered by the company as one of the key conditions for sustainable development.

The Board of Directors and senior management of SUEK demonstrate leadership and commitment to managing compliance with mandatory requirements, including anti-corruption management:

  • determined a unified approach to the risks of violation of mandatory requirements (including the risks of corruption offenses) in accordance with the needs and expectations of stakeholders, the development strategy (strategic plans) of the Company;
  • approved the compliance policy, anti-corruption policy, code of corporate conduct and anti-corruption standards;
  • review plans and reports of the compliance function on a regular basis, including on activities in the field of combating corruption, analyze the state of effectiveness of these activities;
  • delegated to a dedicated officer the functions of ensuring and monitoring the functioning of the internal compliance system and gave him the necessary authority to act independently and independently in assessing the state of the Company's compliance with mandatory requirements and in communicating information about the state of the compliance system to senior management, and Board of directors;
  • ensure the allocation of sufficient and appropriate resources to ensure the operation and continuous improvement of the compliance management system.

The company has implemented measures to prevent corruption, including measures to prevent and resolve conflicts of interest.

Corporate code of conduct

The Code of Conduct establishes the basic requirements for behavior (of employees in the exercise of their professional activities (performing a labor function) in relations with the company, in relations with other employees, in relations with authorities, in relations with counterparties, consumers, competitors of the company.


Any employee or SUEK’s partner can contact our Hotline (anonymously if they wish) by phone number 8-800-200-12-40 or by filling out the form on the website to address concerns related to:

  • HR management and violation of the Code of Ethics;
  • Health, Safety and Environment;
  • Potential violation of anti-corruption and fraud procedures;
  • Any compliance issues.

SUEK guarantees confidentiality to everyone who contacts the Hotline, and internal protection in the company of both employees and third parties from any form of pressure, harassment and discrimination as well.

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