Compliance and Corporate Ethics

SUEK has introduced a compliance policy designed to ensure the company’s activities remain in compliance with the requirements of applicable law, internal norms and rules, compliance principles and standards in all our business segments and in all jurisdictions.

Comprehensive compliance system enables us to identify and mitigate compliance risks timely in the areas of corporate ethics, environmental management, antitrust regulation, taxation, anti-corruption, trade sanctions, health and safety.

Code of Corporate Ethics

The Code of Corporate Ethics is a fundamental document that describes the norms of internal corporate behavior and the basic principles of communication with SUEK’s stakeholders. The code is binding on all our employees.

Anti-corruption Compliance Policy

SUEK complies with the anti-corruption law of Russia and other countries where SUEK operates. We have implemented anti-corruption procedures and the Anti-Corruption, Bribery and Money Laundering Policy. SUEK’s Board of Directors control the anti-corruption issues.


Any employee or SUEK’s partner can contact our Hotline (anonymously if they wish) by phone number 8-800-200-12-40 or by filling out the form on the website to address concerns related to:

  • HR management and violation of the Code of Ethics;
  • Health, Safety and Environment;
  • Potential violation of anti-corruption and fraud procedures;
  • Any compliance issues.

SUEK guarantees confidentiality to everyone who contacts the Hotline, and internal protection in the company of both employees and third parties from any form of pressure, harassment and discrimination as well.

Compliance with international standards

SUEK’s compliance system has been certified according to ISO 19600:2014 (Compliance Management) and ISO 37001:2016 (Anti-Corruption Management). In 2020, SUEK’s compliance with these standards was confirmed by an international auditor International Compliance Association (ICA). In 2020, SUEK was also awarded the highest A1 anti-corruption rating by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. 

Read more about SUEK’s compliance system in 2021 Annual Report.

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