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Our Business Model

We deliver long-term value to shareholders at every stage of our value chain — from coal deposit development, mining and processing to transportation and marketing, as well as power generation. Our integrated business model allows us to benefit from economies of scale and maintain our status as Russia’s leading coal and energy producer, and bulk port operator.


We research new mining and processing technologies as well as new products that will deliver maximum operational efficiency and minimal environmental impact for all stakeholders.

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Regular upgrades of our production units enable us to maintain a leading position within our sector.

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Washing reduces ash and increases heat content, thereby reducing the environmental and carbon footprint of our products, whilst raising their market value.

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Advanced transport infrastructure enables us to reliably and cost-effectively supply our major markets, Russia, Europe and Asia-Pacific, and minimise the environmental impact of transportation.

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Coal Marketing

SUEK’s extensive sales network ensures reliable coal supplies to customers in 49 countries, and effective delivery of our ‘premium products for premium customers’ strategy.

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Power generation

Our upgraded power generating facilities consistently and reliably supply heat and electricity to 8 regions of Russia.

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We restore natural habitats for future generations in the areas where we operate.

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Factors determining our ability to demonstrate long-term growth

Commitment to health, safety and the environment

Our priority is to minimise environmental and safety risks at every stage of the operational cycle.

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Product development

Our R&D team constantly evaluates ways to increase the quality of our coal, whilst developing coal-based products for a wide range of industries.

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Focus on efficiency

Our investments in modern mining equipment and operational improvements deliver restrain the increase in the cost of coal and energy production and increased productivity for our coal and power operations.

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Risk management

Our commitment to proactively managing internal and external risks helps us meet strategic targets and secure long-term growth.

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Corporate governance

We strive to meet the highest standards of corporate governance in line with international best practices.

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Corporate culture

Our corporate culture encourages employees to achieve results without compromising safety, our approach to the environment or ethics.

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Personnel development

We invest in the training and development of our employees at all levels. In turn, we are proud to have a committed and highly productive workforce who are critical to the long-term success of our business.

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Stakeholder inclusion

We engage actively with our stakeholders, ensuring that we create value for them at all times.

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