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We are committed to providing the safest possible working environment for our employees and minimising the risks associated with coal mining.

SUEK’s system for managing safety at our industrial facilities complies with the most advanced international standards and is designed to minimise injury rates and eliminate fatalities at our production units. Our health and safety standards cover staff and all contractors working at the company’s production sites. The work to improve occupational and industrial safety systems is coordinated by the Industrial Safety Committee under SUEK’s Management Board and overseen by the Board of Directors.

Our corporate health and safety standards cover company staff and contractors providing services at our sites and facilities. Our production facilities undergo regular audits and recertification for compliance with the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management standard.

Reducing risks in the workplace is a continual process – we are never complacent. We are committed to a rigorous training programme to enhance the skill levels of safety professionals. We educate all our employees on safe working practices and we place great emphasis on workplace discipline to ensure safety standards are adhered to.

An important aspect of minimising the risk of injury and disaster is preventing rule violations. We have introduced a zero-tolerance approach to violation of health and safety rules and have developed software so all shift tasks are recorded in a database. We monitor each week the number of violations which have been recorded and dealt with.

In addition to the ‘human factor’, we address mine atmospheric safety issues to eliminate the risk of explosion and to minimise the risk of dust-related disease. We also ensure safety at our facilities is not compromised by outdated machinery. We equip our mines with modern plant and introduce state-of-the art safety systems and monitoring devices.

We recently introduced a unified health and safety information system and each year we implement a comprehensive health and safety action plan.

In roadway development operations we have introduced new electrical starters which eliminate the risk of accidental or unauthorised disconnection of tripping devices.

We have established a situational control centre at our head office for online monitoring and analysis of production safety and for coordinating our activities with the regional offices and mining units in any emergency situation.

Allocation of funding for health and safety in 2017
Lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR)
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