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SUEK’s extensive sales network ensures reliable coal supplies to our customers in 48 countries.

In the Russian market, SUEK Group sells coal to large industrial companies, major energy providers as well as smaller customers. JSC SUEK’s commercial department manages all sales from our production units across Russia.

Our international sales are managed by SUEK AG, which has a network of offices in key countries around the world. SUEK AG determines market strategy in terms of international coal sales. It searches for coal buyers and builds long-term relationships with them. SUEK AG studies overseas markets, analysing information about competitors, customers and logistics.

Railway transport is crucial to our distribution chain — both to the Russian market and overseas. SUEK Group’s 746km rail system provides connections between the national rail network and our mines and port facilities.

Our Vanino Bulk Terminal has direct access to two main railway lines which connect Vanino to the whole of Russia. The terminal is a key export gateway to the Asia Pacific markets.

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