22 April 2019

What SUEK will do with a newly acquired leasing company?

KRASNOGORSK (Moscow region), 17 April – PRIME. SUEK will use 16,000 railcars, received after buying Nitrokhimprom leasing structure from ICT Group, mainly for its own delivery needs and for the transportation of third-party cargo, as Denis Ilatovsky, SUEK Director of Logistics, told reporters at the Transrussia forum.

In the spring, the media reported that SUEK had acquired Nitrokhimprom leasing company with a fleet of 16,000 railcars from the ICT Group of Alexander Nesis.

‘Yes (the deal is closed – ed.). We will use the fleet mainly for our own transportation needs,’ Ilatovsky said. He did not disclose the amount of the transaction. He noted that SUEK’s total fleet would exceed ‘50,000 units after factoring in Nitrokhimprom’s railcars, which will be enough for our own shipment and for the transportation of third-party cargo on the way back.’

‘Last year we transported 15 million tonnes of third-party cargo, mainly crushed stone and ore. This year, we will probably be able to handle more traffic. For us, these transportation services make sense, as they enable us to reduce empty mileage when returning from the ports of the European part of Russia. Unfortunately, empty mileage from our eastern ports cannot be compensated for. With regard to the newly acquired railcar fleet, this year we will plan further reduction of empty mileage and an increase in commercial traffic,’ he added.

Earlier, Ilatovsky had said that, in the next three years, the company would buy 8,000-10,000 railcars, so the acquisition of Nitrokhimprom was part of SUEK’s strategy to optimise the logistics of the company.

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