20 April 2017

SUEK to invest $53m in the environment over the next two years

        Vladimir Rashevsky, SUEK Chief Executive Officer, spoke about the company’s environmental programmes at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum. At the plenary session ‘Model of the Green Future’, he highlighted that while technological solutions for reducing emissions in the coal power industry were elaborated 20-30 years ago, the coal-fired plants in the world, including in Russia, were built some time ago and not all are equipped with the latest technology.
         He mentioned Krasnoyarsk as an example. The new CHP-3 built five years ago uses all the latest technologies and plant emissions are minimal, while at the same time, we have the rather outdated CHP-1, which should be upgraded.
         "The key issue to timely upgrades is to find the necessary investment sources and solve this problem," said Vladimir Rashevsky, "I think it will be possible to achieve this within two to three, or at most, four years. All over the world, certain stations are upgraded and some are simply demolished, while new ones are being built with the latest in production efficiency and environmentally friendly technology. There is also a specific Russian technology, so-called ‘combined output’, which is ahead of many western systems as it allows for the simultaneous production of electricity and heat. "
         Vladimir Rashevsky stressed that Russia has a very healthy electricity balance. "The right combination of fuels is important," said the SUEK’s CEO, "Russia is rich in natural resources, including gas, and we must use this advantage. We are actively developing nuclear technology and have hydroelectric power stations. If we want our industry to be competitive, we need to find the right balance between cost, reliability, and environmental friendliness. "
         Continuing on the above mentioned, Vladimir Rashevsky added that large companies understand the population's desire for clean air and water and a healthy environment. "We are leading a team of tens of thousands of people, these are hundreds of thousands of families," he said, "We are conscious of our responsibility towards them." We have this abstract category - "bright green future" – and we have a very practical approach, comprised of specific plans and activities, which can be presented to communities and where improvements can be measured. SUEK’s environmental budget for the next two years amounts to $53m, which is similar in both size and scope to planned expenditures at the Siberian Generating Company.
         As a reminder, the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum (KEF) "The Russian Economy: 2017-2025 Agenda" takes place on 20-22 April 2017 with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation. As customary, the first day of KEF-2017 is devoted to the youth platform "Generation-2030", whose focus this year centres on the Year of Ecology. The Forum’s main agenda is devoted to discussions around the strategic direction of Russia's development over the next decade, as well as the introduction of modern technologies in management.
Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Alina Egorova
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