18 November 2019

SUEK supporting the comprehensive development of Vanino

The coal company has financed the Master Plan for developing the town where Daltransugol's port (Vanino Bulk Terminal) is located.

Financial and Organisational Consulting (FOC), one of the three largest strategic consultants in Russia, has begun to work on the Master Plan for the development of Vanino. The concept was developed with financial backing from Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK), whose subsidiary, Vanino Bulk Terminal, operates in the Vanino district (one of the five largest taxpayers in the Khabarovsk region), as Vanino Bulk Terminal told the AmurMedia news agency.

FOC's experts have already visited Vanino several times and held working meetings. They are engaged in a comprehensive strategic analysis of the social and economic conditions in Vanino and their main tendencies, in accordance with federal and regional laws, and most importantly, taking into account the needs of local people. Simply put, FOC's experts will prepare a long-term development plan for Vanino. They will determine its development prospects, evaluate its potential and analyse possible interfaces between state authorities and commercial and non-governmental organisations.

 Focus should be made on the youth

As Vladimir Dolgopolov, General Director of Vanino Bulk Terminal, said, SUEK and its subsidiary, Vanino Bulk Terminal, put high hopes on Vanino.
' Vanino Bulk Terminal is developing, and in the near future we plan the construction of stage 3 facilities and to reach a capacity of 40 million tonnes a year. More than 300 new jobs will be created. The Terminal is a high-tech, advanced company, which is why it needs young and competent workers. We have long understood that the focus should be on the young. For this purpose, SUEK established a dedicated engineering class with graduates studying at leading Far Eastern universities in the occupations demanded by the port. Our company supports the Vanino Cross-Industry College, whose students are offered training and working practice at our company,' Vladimir Dolgopolov said.

However, when analysing the talent pool and the company's future, the company decided that this was not enough. People want not only to work in safe and comfortable conditions and to be paid a good salary.

'In order for the youth to stay in Vanino, a whole new standard of living is needed. Right here, in Vanino, people should be able to get a good education and quality medical services, play sport and live in a modern and convenient urban environment,' the company's General Director explained.

However, in order to move forward, a roadmap is required. Therefore, the company addressed one of the recognised Russian leaders, FOC.

'The Master Plan being developed by the company will help understand how we all together should build our life here. This is the place where we all live and work and raise our children. So, we need to work on that together and make our lives better. I am sure that, in the near future, we will be able to make Vanino a place where everyone is happy, both young and old. Our company is interested in the development of Vanino, and we will make every effort to implement these plans,' Vladimir Dolgopolov said with confidence.

The Master Plan will consolidate the efforts of local residents, authorities and major companies

The highest qualifications of Financial and Organisational Consulting's experts are confirmed by specific projects. FOC has created development strategies for cities such as Rostov-on-Don, the Social and Economic Development Strategies of the Far East, the Republic of Buryatia, Zabaikalye region, Amur region, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and many other regions and cities of Russia. According to FOC's General Director Moisei Furschik, Vanino is 'a special territory with very high potential'.

'FOC has been cooperating with SUEK and the Khabarovsk region for a long time. As for the Vanino district and Vanino town, they are also well known to us. This territory is for many reasons difficult, requiring a special approach, but with very high potential, as one of the most important points of economic growth in the Khabarovsk region.'

Moisei Furschik believes that Vanino is still significantly below present-day standards in terms of quality and comfort of the urban environment. The town lacks infrastructure, developed public spaces and opportunities for leisure and recreation.

'The Master Plan that our company is developing should show ways to address these and other issues relevant for all Vanino residents and outline the main areas of Vanino development for the coming years. Another important aspect is that the Master Plan can become the tool that will consolidate the efforts of residents, local authorities and large companies. Our experience in other regions where SUEK operates gives us confidence that the Vanino Master Plan will not become just ''paper work'', but will initiate real projects, including those related to raising federal funding,' FOC's General Director said.

New technologies tested on start-up projects

The cooperation between SUEK and FOC resulted in development programmes for the town of Chegdomyn in the Khabarovsk region and other cities where the main coal company in Russia operates. FOC also developed master plans for Kiselevsk and Leninsk-Kuznetsky, cities in the Kemerovo region, for Chernogorsk in Khakassia, for Borodino in the Krasnoyarsk region, for Sagan-Nur in Buryatia and for the town of Chegdomyn, Verkhnebureinsky district of Khabarovsk region. We know this from SUEK's Deputy Communications Director Dmitry Golovanov.

'If we consider the experience of cooperation between SUEK and FOC in the Khabarovsk region, the Master Plan of the town of Chegdomyn comes to mind. That Master Plan was developed in 2017, and in 2018, its implementation began. The Central Square (Blucher Square), which is the key citywide public space, and the apartment building on Tsentralnaya Street, with the façade renovated and courtyard improved in line with the Master Plan, were chosen as start-up sites. They were used for testing new technologies for Chegdomyn and logistics schemes for the delivery of materials, equipment and workers from the regional centre to the settlement. We are confident that the Vanino Master Plan will be a success, too, and the quality of life in the town will improve significantly,' Dmitry Golovanov stressed.

This is a great chance for a breakthrough

Alexander Orlov, Head of the Vanino Town Administration, does not hide his emotions: the development of the Master Plan by one of the leading Russian companies meets the aspirations of both the authorities and local residents.

'It is great! As the head of Vanino, I am very interested in the development of all spheres of life in our village. With the assistance of SUEK, this is a great chance to make life in Vanino bright, interesting, comfortable and attractive, not only for local residents, but also for those who may want to come here to live. Now, I am sure that new people will come to our town. To date, the joint working group has already done a great job. They have designed areas to work on. We are holding a survey of Vanino residents in order to study their preferences, wishes, issues and problems. I would also like to thank SUEK and its subsidiary, Vanino Bulk Terminal, as they not only create up-to-date and prestigious jobs in Vanino, but also make efforts to improve people's lives here,' Alexander Orlov said.

Every resident's opinion is important

Dmitry Bratushchenko, Head of the Vanino Public Development Centre youth organisation, member of the working group developing the Master Plan, believes that the main value of FOC's work in Vanino is a real opportunity to eventually join federal and regional programmes.

'This will be an ambitious document determining the current state of Vanino and showing where we all need to go and what people who live here really want. Most importantly, this Master Plan will clearly outline the path to joining various programmes, both regional and federal. The preparation for joining these programmes entails very high costs, consumes much time and money and requires thorough knowledge of the law. This job is done by some of the best experts in the country, which is extremely important. We, the young people from Vanino, fully support this initiative and consider it vital for our town and region. Various surveys of residents are now underway, and people are eagerly involved in them, which suggests that there is confidence in this initiative; people see that life does not stand still. It is crucial that all Vanino residents participate in this project and all those who care about how we live here, how our children will live and how the older generation will feel,' Dmitry Bratushchenko said.

Clear picture needed

According to Vyacheslav Stepanyuk, Deputy General Director of Vanino Bulk Terminal, the need for a comprehensive Vanino development programme is a long-standing need. Despite the fact that Daltransugol does a lot for the development of social infrastructure, for children, for the elderly, for supporting sport and much more, an integrated approach is needed to solve the existing problems.

'At a certain stage, we realised that we needed a Master Plan. For example, we sponsored the repair of roofs in nurseries, after which school principals said they also needed urgent repairs to their schools. Of course, we help them, often in a rush mode. However, we need a clear picture: what is necessary and how much. If we want to turn Vanino into a prosperous town, we must act together with local, regional and federal authorities. Today, this is possible thanks to the existing regional and federal programmes, the National Programme for the Far East Development, which will be approved in the near future,' Vyacheslav Stepanyuk concluded.
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