21 November 2018

SUEK spoke about coal industry innovations at the Siberian Energy Forum

The round table moderator, Deputy Technical Director of SUEK-Krasnoyarsk Sergey Stepanov, when opening the meeting, noted that today the processing of coal into energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products with high added value should become the key driver of coal industry development. According to Stepanov, Krasnoyarsk coal miners have such potential and it is huge.

In particular, today, the Berezovsky open pit in the Krasnoyarsk region manufactures a number of products that are in demand in various industries. These are coke fines used for potlining in aluminium production, as a sorbent in hydrocracking technology in oil refining, for gas purification and water treatment in the chemical industry. Coke briquettes are used as batch materials for the production of commercial silicon in metallurgy and as carbon reducing agents for ferroalloy production.

The traditional industries of KATEK coal consumption is the power sector and utilities. However, for them, it is also time to apply clean coal energy technologies. In this connection, SUEK offers technologies for the production of environmentally friendly smokeless fuel briquettes. Similar production is in place at the Berezovsky open pit, and it already has its sales market in the regional centre.

Briquettes can be used in boilers and furnaces of any type, in mini-boiler houses and in cottage furnaces; they have a calorific value compared to that of high-quality hard coal, but they burn without smoke.

Now, at the Berezovsky open pit, SUEK is implementing an investment project to expand the production capacity of its briquette complex: in Q1 2019, it should reach a level of 30 thousand tonnes of finished products per year with the possibility of further growth, up to 60 thousand tonnes. Such output will completely satisfy the needs of Krasnoyarsk in smokeless briquettes for private households. Project investment amounted to approximately 1 billion roubles (about $15 million).

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