4 June 2018

SUEK has developed a device enhancing the safety of dump truck drivers

The Chernogorsk Mechanical and Repair Works are the leading service company in the coal industry of Khakasia. Its employees not only repair excavators, dump trucks and other equipment, but also improve the safety of mining. The distance control device is among the latest developments of the plant. It has been successfully tested at the Chernogorsky open pit of SUEK-Khakasia and is already used in six dump trucks at the largest coal mine of the republic. At any time and in any weather, the distance control device will alert the driver if approaching the protection embankment.

The main developer of the new product at the Chernogorsk Mechanical and Repair Works is Andrey Nalimov. He analysed the process of unloading dump trucks and created the device that enables the driver to supplement the information seen in the rear view mirrors by also receiving an automatic signal that the machine has reached the optimal distance for safe unloading.

Commissioning and Testing Engineer of the Chernogorsk Mechanical and Repair Works Andrey Nalimov said, 'The distance control device consists of three parts. The most important component is the acoustic sensor, which measures the distance using sound waves.'

The time that passed from the development to installation on the first machine was minimal. Then, the company management took the lead and equipped a few more trucks with the distance control system. Improving work safety is a priority in the work of SUEK companies.

Head of the Mining and Transportation Shop of the Chernogorsk Mechanical and Repair Works, SUEK-Khakasia, Yevgeny Popov added, 'Automated equipment keeps the risk as small as possible. Therefore, the future belongs to it. We will definitely continue to use these distance control devices manufactured by our plant.'

This year, the Chernogorsk Mechanical and Repair Works presented its development at the international trade show 'Coal Of Russia And Mining' in Kuzbass. The plant is ready to supply the device to all interested customers not only in Khakasia, but also beyond the area.

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