12 February 2018

SUEK has been investing more in social programs at Krasnoyarsk region enterprises

In 2018 the Siberian Coal Energy Company will allocate over RUB 220m (about US$ 4 million) for funding social programs at its enterprises in Krasnoyarsk region. Compared to 2017, the investment amount will increase by almost 25%.

For many years medical care and health improvement in Russian health resorts have been the most sought-after aspects of the social program among SUEK employees. Every year hundreds of employees and their children take advantage of this benefit. For example, almost 950 employees of SUEK’s Krasnoyarsk enterprises spent their holidays in sanatoriums and health resorts in Krasnoyarsk, Altai, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk regions, Khakasia and the Black Sea coast in 2017. About 700 children visited summer camps in the same regions. During autumn and winter school breaks schoolchildren went on tours around Saint Petersburg. Not only does SUEK bear all the major costs associated with purchase of holiday packages but it also reimburses the travel costs to its employees and their families to the resorts and back.

A voluntary medical insurance program runs at the company’s enterprises to help keep employees healthy. At present, SUEK cooperates with over 170 medical institutions in Krasnoyarsk region and the East Siberia, which gives miners access to high quality medical services and consultations of specialised doctors who do not work in health centres in small towns – with no queues and at their convenience.

SUEK also looks after veterans of the mining industry. Alongside enterprise employees the senior citizens that live in private houses receive free coal for heating while those living in apartments get reimbursements for their utilities, which covers one of the top expenditure items on pensioner’s budgets. Company enterprise veterans also get additional payments for anniversaries, the Miner’s Day, the Senior Citizen’s Day and can get financial assistance in difficult circumstances.

“Our people are the main SUEK’s capital, recipe for its consistent operation today and the basis for future growth,” says Sergey Samarin, Deputy Regional Manager for HR and administration, JSC SUEK-Krasnoyarsk. “This is why the company has always held on to its traditions of paying attention to people’s needs and complements them in line with the modern day opportunities."

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