12 September 2016

SUEK CEO reveals development plans for Borodino

Vladimir Rashevsky, SUEK CEO and Viktor Tolokonsky, the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk region, discussed development plans for Borodino, the largest mining town in the region. The meeting was held at the regional administration offices.

According to Mr. Rashevsky, SUEK and the Russian and Krasnoyarsk governments are currently working on a major investment plan for the development of the city. The main purpose of the plan is to make the region an attractive investment destination. According to experts, the city offers several opportunities such as for the construction of processing facilities and the development of sports and industrial tourism. The region is also ripe for the greenhouse industry and agricultural products processing. In terms of development - billions in investments, the creation of new jobs, and the modernisation of housing and utilities.

“Borodino is where we are the most present in the Krasnoyarsk region. The Borodinsky open pit is the largest at SUEK, in the region, and in the country. To foster the development of the region, social projects are undertaken every year and social infrastructure is developed with our participation and support of the region. The Governor’s Office and regional authorities pay great attention to city and today there is a clear understanding of how business and government must work together so people can live better”, said Vladimir Rashevsky.
Source: Newslab
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