6 September 2017

Vanino Bulk Terminal to increase transshipment capacity

The first stage of the coal port of SUEK in the bay Muchke near Vanino was introduced at the end of 2008. Since that time the terminal has gradually developed its capacities. "As expected, in 2017 we will transfer 21 million tonnes of coal and we are already projecting for 30 million tonnes," said Denis Ilatovsky, SUEK’s Deputy CEO, Director of Logistics, at the Third Eastern Economic Forum.

Thus, Vanino Bulk Terminal will become the second major specialized enterprise in the field of transshipment of solid fuels in the Far East after JSC Vostochny Port, which, after the construction of the additional terminal, will reach the annual volume of shipment of 40 million tonnes.

At the same time SUEK intends to further develop coal transportation in higher capacity railcars with increased axle load. Today for such rolling stock, Denis Ilatovsky noted, on the Eastern range of the railway network the guarantee sites for trains are being extended without an intermediate technical inspection. "The new railcars have a greater margin of safety, a greater overhaul mileage. RZD decided to inspect them less often. Due to this, about 10% of travel time is saved. This practice needs to be developed, "said a representative of SUEK.

Belov Pavel

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