27 March 2019

Authorities approve expansion of Chernogorsky open-pit mine

After reviewing the submitted materials, experts from the Krasnoyarsk Branch of Glavgosexpertiza of Russia concluded that the engineering surveys and design documents complied with the requirements of technical regulations and other mandatory requirements, while the design documents were in line with the results of engineering surveys carried out for their preparation. Therefore, the regulatory body issued a positive opinion for the project.

The Chernogorsky hard coal deposit is located in the Ust-Abakan region of the Republic of Khakassia and is part of the Minusinsk coal basin. The Chernogorsky open-pit mine is located in the western part of the deposit.

The project provides for open-pit mining of the Chernogorsky deposit, namely the Chernogorsky open-pit mine of SUEK with the design capacity of 12.5 million tonnes of coal per year from 2022 (after capacity increase) and until the end of mining.

This mine has been in operation since 1958. All coal is extracted by SUEK.

In order to meet the planned production targets, the design solutions provide for the reconstruction of existing facilities and construction of new ones. They include the reconstruction of a warehouse for fuel and lubricants, the Northern transport incline and the Central tailing pond.

In addition, the Vostochny pond and treatment plants will be constructed, and external dumps Vostochny and Zapadny will be created.

All adopted technical solutions will ensure the safe operation of the hard coal mine, the storage of overburden and waste coal and the safe use of adjacent territories.

The project was prepared by SUEK’s own research institute Sibniiugleobogashchenie.


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