Each year Russia generates enormous amounts of waste, but 90% are what is not considered waste in other countries, namely, overburden and enclosing rocks. This puts the Russian Federation in a disadvantageous...

15 May 2018

In their view, Russia's coal power industry needs modernisation, and has no other alternative.

Source: TASS
12 April 2018
More than 300 participants from 64 IMO member-state delegations and 22 observer organizations participated in the session.
11 April 2018

‘The Russian coal industry is actively developing, and its future depends on two factors – predictable and well-balanced railway costs and refocusing exports to the Asia-Pacific region, where the main...

Source: RIA Novosti
8 April 2018
According to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Urgalugol (part of SUEK Group) has received a subsidy of 321.5 million roubles (about US$ 6 million) to recover costs...
Source: RIA Novosti
6 April 2018

In 2018 the Siberian Coal Energy Company will allocate over RUB 220m (about US$ 4 million) for funding social programs at its enterprises in Krasnoyarsk region. Compared to 2017, the investment amount...

12 February 2018
Coal dust clearly became 2017’s antihero in Russia. On several occasions, the topic of ports covered with a thin black veil during transhipment operations, while residents in surrounding areas are forced...
Source: Парламентская газета
15 December 2017
SUEK has sent a share purchase offer to the Murmansk Commercial Seaport, this according to port documents.
Source: RIA Novosti
2 November 2017
Over a nine-month period this year, RUB 12 billion (about US$ 205 million) were invested in the fuel and energy sector in the Khabarovsk region, according to data provided by the regional government press...
Source: Ministry of the Russian Federation for Far East Development
1 November 2017

Located at the junction of the deep-water Muchke Bay and the outermost point of the Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM), the Vanino Bulk Terminal (a SUEK subsidiary) is one of the newest and most modern coal...

31 October 2017
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