18 June 2018

17 units will suppress dust in the Murmansk Commercial Seaport area

At the production site of Cargo District No. 1, infrastructure for six more snow and fog generators is currently under construction.

At the No. 6-11 berths of Murmansk Commercial Seaport, frames of the first four supporting structures have already been mounted, and utilities are being installed now.

After the commissioning of the new facilities, 17 dust suppression units will operate in the territory of the Murmansk Commercial Seaport. This amount is more than any other Russian stevedoring company has.

Manufacturers of the equipment, Italian company EmiControls, together with engineers of Murmansk Commercial Seaport and the Academy of Industrial Dust Suppression Borey, adapted TF-10 snow generators for the climatic conditions of the Kola Peninsula: the units can be used year-round in the temperature range from minus 30 to plus 40 degrees Celsius.

In the areas of storage and transhipment of coal products, these units generate a curtain of microscopic fresh water particles in the warm season, whilst in winter wet snow is used. Each ‘fog cannon’ can operate within a radius of approximately 100 metres, but if adjusted for wind, the area of humidification increases several times.

Four TF-10 snow-generating units, commissioned at the end of last year, have already proven their all-weather efficiency. New dust suppression devices were highly appreciated by engineers of the Environmental Safety Service of Murmansk Commercial Seaport and by independent experts.
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