Construction of the second module of the Tugnuisky washing plant commences in Buryatia

25 April 2017

The Tugnuisky washing plant features state-of-the-art world class technology and modern equipment, high productivity, professional team and good development prospects. SUEK has decided to construct a new coal washing module to increase its production capacity.

On 20 April the first pile was driven and the construction of the 0-25 mm size coal washing module  started. The second module will utilise high capacity equipment – belt filter presses with gravity tables, high capacity Russian-made radial thickeners, and teeter bed separators for processing slurry.

“We have managed to achieve a lot in recent years. We have lots of things to be proud of. For the last six years we have been the best washing plant in SUEK. Once we commission the second module we will be able to increase production capacity and employ over 100 people,” says Igor Shkodin, acting first deputy of General Manager for coal processing at the Tugnuisky washing plant.

At present the annual target for processing coal at the Tugnuisky WP is 10.3 Mtpa. Once the new module is commissioned, the capacity of the plant will increase from 1,500 tph to 2,000 tph, which equates to 12-14 Mtpa. In the future the plant will be able to wash all of the coal produced from Olon-Shibirsky and Nikolsky deposits to produce high quality clean coal.

The Tugnuisky washing plant was commissioned in August 2009. Clean coal produced by the plant meets all export quality standards – 14% ash, 10% moisture, 5,650 ccal/kg calorific value. The product contains minimum amount of harmful contaminants. Tugnui coal is exported to the Asia-Pacific markets (most of it is shipped to Japan).

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