Tyva authorities highly appreciate SUEK's smokeless fuel presentation

28 May 2018
In the Republic of Tyva, JSC Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK) gave a presentation on smokeless fuel developed at the Berezovsky open pit in the Krasnoyarsk region. The presentation took place during the Week of Entrepreneurship at the round table, where the Government of the Republic and its capital Kyzyl, together with scientists, representatives of coal mining companies and entrepreneurs, discussed measures to reduce air pollution.

As noted by the Head of the Kyzyl Municipal Service Department Nikolai Aldachi, local consumers have already had an opportunity to learn about the advantages of SUEK's smokeless fuel: this year the Company sent a ‘pilot’ batch of fuel briquettes to Kyzyl and burnt them, obtaining positive results.

'The necessary analyses were carried out at the Federal Laboratory and the Tyva Institute of Integrated Development of Natural Resources, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Such coal boasts high heat transfer. This is truly an environmentally friendly product, since the combustion does not produce smoke,' Nikolai Aldachi commented.

Smokeless brown coal briquettes are an innovative type of solid fuel. Their main characteristics include the following: increased calorific value – up to 6 thousand kcal/kg, which corresponds to the calorific value of high-quality hard coal; cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness, because briquettes have low ash content and emissions of volatile substances (they are produced without using chemical additives). Briquettes burn without the generation of smoke and foreign smells, and therefore have minimal impact on the environment.

According to SUEK's representatives, the new fuel is strengthening its position in the market of the Krasnoyarsk region, where, like in Tyva, ecological issues are topical. Today, the Company plans to expand its facilities for the production of smokeless fuel briquettes by investing over half a billion roubles in production development this year.

The advantages of innovative fuels able to improve the environmental situation in Tyva are of interest to local authorities. The Deputy Chairman of Tyva Government Aleksandr Brokert has declared the readiness to introduce such practices in the republic. Now, the Government is considering several options for cooperation – from the purchase of SUEK's fuel briquettes to the implementation of a joint investment project for the production of briquettes by local coal companies. The next stage will be a meeting with top managers of the Siberian Coal Energy Company to discuss further cooperation opportunities.

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