‘SUEK To The Regions’ fund supports new members of the ‘School Of Social Entrepreneurship’ from Kuzbass

1 April 2019

The first training session of the ‘School Of Social Entrepreneurship’ was held in Krasnoyarsk. This year, the school brought together 40 participants from the Siberian regions where SUEK operates. Among them, there were seven entrepreneurs from the city of Leninsk-Kuznetsk, Kemerovo region.

‘SUEK To The Regions’ fund and ANO New Development Technologies have been jointly implementing the programme for six years. The main goal of the unique school is to enhance the quality and quantity of services in the field of education, healthcare, culture, sport, youth development and everyday life.

‘We believe it's important that, even in areas remote from regional centres, residents can enjoy the same set, quality and availability of services as residents of urban areas. We consider the development of social entrepreneurship to be one of the ways to achieve this level. Therefore, we unite proactive people and teach them to gain insight into the needs of local communities and satisfy them with services,’ Irina Serbina, a business trainer of the ‘School Of Social Entrepreneurship’, explained.

‘I started the school with an idea, and now I’ve got a clear plan for my “Weight Loss Programme for Teenagers 12-13 Years Old”,’ Svetlana Vostrikova, Principal of the Leninsk-Kuznetsk Children and Youth Sport School, said. ‘We conducted a small survey and found out that in year 6 and 7 there were quite a few students who had real problems with being overweight. Our programme will help such children get rid of their psychological problems and teach them to take good care of themselves and their health. In the Ice Palace, there are all conditions necessary for children to play sport. In addition, we plan to involve psychologists and nutrition specialists in the programme. Girls will also consult gynaecologists, and, perhaps, even cosmetologists. We plan to start the pilot project this year.’

Next, the members of the Siberian ‘School Of Social Entrepreneurship’ will continue to work on developing their ideas. They will present finished business projects to experts in mid-April.

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