SUEK to replace boiler houses in Belovo with heat supplied from Belovskaya GRES

17 February 2020
SUEK is launching a project on the design and construction of a new heat supply system in Belovo, a town in Kuzbass with 72,500 citizens. The consumers who are now receiving heat from old municipal standalone boiler houses will be connected to Belovskaya GRES. This project was discussed at a meeting of the Kuzbass government on 3 February 2020.

By the beginning of the 2021-2022 heating season, six inefficient boiler houses that negatively affect the environment in the central part of the city are scheduled for replacement with heat supplied by Belovskaya GRES.

To achieve that, SUEK has to implement the following measures:
• upgrade the power plant equipment in order to increase the heat rating of the power units that are now involved only in electricity generation, along with modernised water treatment equipment
• build a new heating main over 12 km long that will connect the plant to the city centre
• replace urban heat networks with a wear rate of more than 60%

The total investment in the project in 2020-2021 us estimated at around$40 million. SUEK has already begun the design work. Before starting the construction of the heating main, all necessary examinations will be completed.

How Belovo will benefit from the project:
• six old boiler plants located in the centre will be closed, which will significantly improve the environmental situation in the city. These boiler houses do not have advanced equipment for treating emissions into the atmosphere, and their chimneys are as low as multi-storey urban buildings
• such replacement will reduce the final heat tariff for consumers in this heating area
• replacing dilapidated heat networks will bring down the number of accidents and heat loss, significantly upgrading the quality and reliability of the heat supply in the town
• the streets of Belovo will look better, because mainly underground pipes will be used when re-laying heat pipelines

Yury Sheybak, Director of SGC Kuzbass, said: ’Private and public investment in the town of Belovo will enable us to create a new, more reliable and environmentally efficient heat supply system, with smart pipe diagnosing technologies and an up-to-date digital dispatch and control system. The reduction in the cost of heat supplied from a combined generation source, Belovskaya GRES, will make the urban environment even more comfortable and improve the business climate.’

The participants of the government meeting also discussed the prospects of introducing the ‘alternative boiler’ pricing method in Belovo. Sergey Tsivilev, the Governor of Kuzbass, asked the power suppliers and government officials to research the issue.

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