SUEK to invest more than $9m in the production of smokeless fuel

8 February 2018
SUEK is investing more than RUB 500m (about US$ 9 million) in the production of clean smokeless fuel for household needs in the Krasnoyarsk region.

This was stated by SUEK CEO Vladimir Rashevsky during an environmental meeting with President Vladimir Putin in Krasnoyarsk. Smokeless fuel is already in production at SUEK's Berezovsky open pit in the region’s Sharypovsky District with trial sales begun prior to the start of the current heating season.

“We have been doing scientific research in the sphere of coal chemistry for several years, and developed an innovative product – brown-coal half-coke,” said Vladimir Rashevsky. According to him, the new product’s main advantages are that it is smokeless and its energy value is twice as high as the value of ordinary coal, as such, it has no impact on the environment. 

“This year SUEK plans to invest more than half a billion roubles in this project, so that we are able to produce a large amount of the product in a year or two, enough to cover the majority of furnace heating capacities in Krasnoyarsk”, he added. As a reminder, the head of the state, Vladimir Putin, listed private households among the main factors affecting the environmental situation of the regional centre following transportation and industrial activity.

Already this year, SUEK will begin constructing a facility for the deep processing of brown coal, including smokeless fuel, in the Sharypovsky District. The facility will have a capacity of 30,000 tonnes of finished product per year

SUEK to invest more than $9m in the production of smokeless fuel
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