SUEK’s volunteers help Murmansk doctors

19 November 2020
Murmansk Commercial Seaport's volunteers are joining efforts with local doctors to help those who need it in these challenging times. Port workers give lifts to medical workers who visit their patients. Ten port workers already regularly make such trips. Several more employees will join the mutual aid campaign in the nearest time.

As Victoria Ilyina, Murmansk Commercial Seaport's volunteer movement supervisor, said, port volunteers come to the aid of doctors in their free time. Each volunteer makes up to twenty trips a day, bringing doctors to the homes of Murmansk citizens. All drivers always use personal protective equipment: masks and gloves.

"This is not an easy job. Nevertheless, when our volunteers heard that doctors needed additional transportation, they did not hesitate for a minute. Many who own private cars have agreed to work as drivers," Victoria Ilyina said.

"Doctors need transport, especially now. How many patients will they visit a day if walking on foot? I decided to help. I had no doubts: helping people is a noble cause!" said Sergey Boretsky, a docker and machine operator for loading and unloading operations.

However, Port’s volunteers are doing even more. Administrators of the Murmansk Child Health Centre No. 4 asked them for help. They lacked staff to take the temperature of all visitors. Port workers agreed to help. To date, two volunteers are on duty in shifts, Elena Petrova and Veronika Murtazina.

The volunteer movement was established at the Murmansk Commercial Seaport back in 2018. Volunteers take part in various social projects. They played games in hospitals, orphanages and special schools, joined the St. George's Ribbon and Immortal Regiment campaigns, improved and landscaped urban areas. During the pandemic, volunteers rendered assistance to elderly northerners as part of the All-Russia mutual aid campaign #WeTogether.

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