SUEK’s environmentalists make Vanino Bulk Terminal leading coal terminal in Russia

5 June 2020
The Industrial Safety and Environmental Control Department of SUEK's Vanino Bulk Terminalis one of the most important divisions. It employs professional environmentalists who ensure the safe operation of the large coal port.

"Vanino Bulk Terminal seeks to introducethe best technologies aimed at minimising dust levels in the atmosphere and air of the company's production zone," said Irina Egorova, Head of Industrial Safety and Environmental Control at port.
The unit’s recent achievements include the installation of dust suppression equipment around coal depots, the introduction of advanced technologies for sprinkling all transshipped coal through the use of fog, foam and snow-generating units. In addition, the terminal operates the most up-to-date equipment designed for cleaning the coal port, i.e. industrial vacuum machines. The key coal handling units are equipped with powerful aspiration systems. In places of intense dusting at the terminal, all process equipment is sheltered. The terminal also features an automatic air monitoring station.

"Our department pursues clear aims and objectives. The main thing is to bring the entire coal facility in perfect balance with the natural components, air and water and the inhabitants, soil and flora," Irina Egorova said. "We do our best with the use of advanced technologies in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment and ensure the safety of all process cycles at Vanino Bulk Terminal. Our tasks also include compliance with the maximum permissible dust concentrations both inside and outside the terminal and in residential areas. No less important is the task of improving the labour conditions of our workers," she added.

In 2019, the port's environmentalists received a high appraisal, a winner's certificate in the XV All-Russia competition 'Environmental Protection Leadership in Russia – 2019' in the 'Environmental Responsibility' category. The brilliant environmental performance of the company was also appreciated by the ‘Clean Seas’ International Foundation.

Vladimir Dolgopolov, General Director of Vanino Bulk Terminal, thanked the department personnel for their professional work. "Each of us is closely connected to nature and our common task is to protect it. The Port's Industrial Safety and Environmental Control Department excels in all relevant areas," Vladimir Dolgopolov said.

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