SUEK's corporate documentary about the miners' work won International Documentary Film Festival award

25 May 2018

The documentary 'Limits of Perfection' produced by Siberian Coal Energy Company won the silver award of the US International Film & Video Festival (Los Angeles, USA), the oldest and one of the most reputable documentary festivals in the world.

The film shows an ordinary day of Yevgeny Kosmin – the foreman of the face team working at Yalevskogo mine, JSC SUEK-Kuzbass. The video is accompanied by the reflections about the qualities a man of their occupation should have in order to succeed from the Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, cosmonaut Alexey Leonov; conductor Yury Bashmet; Olympic champion in hockey Vyacheslav Fetisov; and People's Artist of Russia Sergey Garmash. For a hockey player, this is a focus on victory and team play; for a cosmonaut, the most important quality is self-command in any situation, including stressful ones, when exploring the unknown; a conductor must have the ability to manage a big team; for an actor, mastery and dedication are what matters most. While watching this relatively short film, we learn that ordinary miners display all these qualities in their work.

This year, the US International Film & Video Festival received more than 1,000 applications from 27 countries. Following the online voting of the award panel, which included experts from various countries, only six first and thirteen second places were awarded. The Silver Screen award of the Russian film is also very important because it was recognised as one of the best in the competitive corporate video category.

The film 'Limits of Perfection' has already been recognised at Russian competitions, winning the All-Russia Contest of Mass Media, Press Services of Fuel and Energy Companies and Regional Administrations 'MediaTEK-2017' in the 'Promotion of Work in Fuel and Energy Companies' category, and also the Grand Prize of the Silver Archer-Siberia.

The documentary is available at

For reference: SUEK is a world-leading coal mining company, the largest coal producer in Russia, and the largest supplier to the domestic and export market. The mining, processing, transportation and service units of SUEK are located in eight regions of Russia. The company employs over 33,500 people. SUEK's main beneficiary is Andrey Melnichenko. 

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