SUEK raises transportation efficiency in Krasnoyarsk region

27 May 2020
SUEK's Borodino Loading and Transport Department continues a large-scale project to reconstruct one of the main junction points at the Ugolnaya-2 station located in the Krasnoyarsk region. The majority of trains that deliver coal to consumers are made up at this point. To speed up this work, the Ugolnaya-2 station will be expanded.

For that end, railway workers are building a separate shunting zone in the territory of the former string assembly shop at the Borodinsky open-pit mine, where 10 km of new railway tracks will be laid. Five of them will be constructed this summer and the other five next year. A motive power depot and an uncoupling repair station will move there, a new bathroom will be constructed for employees as well. The refurbishment of existing buildings to meet these new challenges is close to completion.

After such reconstruction, the Ugolnaya-2 station will be much more efficient, which is important for both coal miners and railway workers.

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