SUEK raises care of water resources in Krasnoyarsk to a new level

17 December 2020
At the Berezovsky open-pit mine, Krasnoyarsk region, SUEK is completing the next stage of its investment project for the construction of an autonomous, stable and closed water consumption and disposal circuit, or state-of-the-art treatment facilities, to serve the company's production processes.

The construction of new, high-efficiency treatment facilities is one of the most ambitious environmental investment projects at Berezovsky delivered in recent years, along with a facility for high-level processing of coal and converting into products with improved consumer properties, including environmentally friendly smokeless fuel. In addition to caring for the air quality, the company aims to optimise quarry drainage using the technology for treating quarry water discharged into fishery water bodies.

Currently, SUEK is about to complete the installation of large-sized equipment: flotation, filtration and pumping units, a storage bin for sludge, a container to meet the company's process needs. Corrosion protection and fire-retardant treatment is underway for load-bearing steel structures, together with cabling work for external networks. After that, the installation and connection of equipment will begin.

In 2022, the Berezovsky open-pit mine intends to put the new system of water consumption and disposal into operation.

It should be noted that the Berezovsky open-pit mine, just like other SUEK's units, has a whole range of measures in place to minimise the impact of coal mining on the environment and promote the implementation of the Ecology priority national project. The unit has recently released 200 kg of juvenile herbivorous fish, usually called "orderlies" of water bodies (common carp, grass carp and silver carp), into the ponds of the existing drainage system with quarry-drainage water. Also, local miners have rehabilitated 70 hectares of land and planted over 650,000 young trees and shrubs.

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