SUEK organises training courses on COVID-19 treatment for doctors from small towns

23 December 2020
Today, a cycle of online workshops for doctors from miners' territories, held by medical institutions affiliated to the Department for Presidential Affairs, is coming to an end. These advanced training courses for doctors from small towns and rural settlements have been organised by SUEK in partnership with New Development Technologies and the Department for Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation.

SUEK has been organising annual training and internship for doctors from the regions of operations, involving the country's leading medical institutions, for four straight years. In view of this year's challenging epidemiological situation, doctors participated in the educational process online. The main topic dictated by current needs was the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19, clinical findings in COVID patients with cardiovascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchial asthma, nephratonia and other comorbidities, along with post-infection rehabilitation.

"This training is vital like no other. For us, it was important to listen to professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 and pneumonia," commented Tatyana Gurtovaya, Deputy Chief Physician of the Ugolshchik medical unit branch in Borodino (Krasnoyarsk region). "We were also shown the vaccine development programme and use. I was very excited about new approaches in the treatment of coronary heart disease."

"We really appreciate scientific opinion," says Irina Zykina, Chief Physician of the Ugolshchik medical unit. "Communication with experts, albeit via the Internet, enables us to discuss pressing issues. The subject of a new coronavirus infection is topical now. It is no coincidence that three days of our workshop were devoted to this topic. The recommendations from Moscow doctors will be helpful in our work, especially given frequent changes in treatment regimens."

Let us add that advanced training for doctors from mining cities and towns is not the only joint project of SUEK, SUEK to the Regions Foundation and the Department for Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation. Since 2009, over 1,500 children from families of SUEK employees and social institutions in Siberia and the Far East have received high-quality diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation at the Polyany medical centre. Miners and industry veterans are welcomed at the Herzen medical centre. Another programme is aimed at the effective rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy. SUEK partners with the Department for Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation, Dream Ski project and Gift to the Angel Charitable Foundation. Moreover, during the pandemic, SUEK to the Regions Foundation and experts from Moscow introduced an online training programme, including basic therapeutic and breathing exercises, for children from the cities and towns where SUEK operates.

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