SUEK introduces high-tech energy saving methods

4 June 2020
Nazarovsky Mining, Installation and Adjustment Directorate (Nazarovsky MIAD), a service division of SUEK in the Krasnoyarsk region, is working on a pilot project. As part of SUEK’s strategy to improve energy efficiency of production operations, Nazarovsky MIAD has launched a proprietary and innovative reactive power compensation unit.

Nazarovsky MIAD is one of the leading repair and production divisions of SUEK, with an extensive machine pool and modern high-tech equipment. The reactive power compensation unit enables large production facilities to reduce energy consumption by at least 15%. This is the figure recorded by the company in the first month of trial operation.

"Among the key tasks of the reactive power compensation unit developed by our experts is the reliable operation of the enterprise’s power supply system and loss reduction. It is capable of extending the service life of our equipment, which is also important, because in 2019 alone, SUEK invested approximately $1.2m in the upgrade of production processes at the branch," comments Anatoly Zelsky, Director of Nazarovsky MIAD.

It should be noted that Nazarovsky MIAD developed this reactive power compensation unit taking into account the needs of the plant and the parameters of electricity consumed. For the service company, this has become a new 2020 product. The unit will be presented to the expert community at the International Mining Technology Exhibition 'Russian Coal and Mining 2020'. Nazarovsky MIAD will be able to confirm its energy efficiency by specific results obtained during six months of operation.

Using a reactive power compensation unit is one of the most high-tech energy saving methods. However, Nazarovsky MIAD uses other methods, too. Some time ago, the company modernised a drying chamber for electric machines with a new automated control system for the heating and drying process. In addition, it automated lighting and installed LED lamps.

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