SUEK included by RAEX Europe in top-10 Russian companies by ESG performance

2 December 2020
SUEK has progressed 14 steps up to 9th place in the ESG ranking of Russian companies by RAEX Europe independent European credit rating agency. 

For this ranking, RAEX analysts evaluated corporate sustainability development of 37 Russian companies based on over 200 indicators in three spheres – environmental impact, social impact on employees and local communities, corporate governance and disclosure.   

SUEK is committed to promoting the sustainable, social and economic development of the regions where we operate. Our sustainable development strategy is continuously evolved to reflect the needs of all of the company’s stakeholders, with whom we maintain open and constructive communications. 

SUEK has been systematically disclosing information on its ESG performance in compliance with GRI Standards since 2005 in its Sustainable Development and Integrated reports

RAEX Europe ESG ranking is available at

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