SUEK hosts youth forum on safety culture

26 August 2021
A research and practice forum of young professionals was held at SUEK-Kuzbass as part of celebrations dedicated to Miner's Day and the 20th anniversary of SUEK. SUEK’s Personnel Training and Development Centre became the venue for the event, which brought together around 50 employees of various company units. In the form of a quest and trainings, they learnt about the purpose and development of a safety culture.

The teams moved around the ‘stations’, completing tasks and gaining points for the correct answers. They had to make decisions in non-standard situations, taking into account risks and safety priority, and also reviewed cases, i.e. actual events at the company’s facilities, and completed ‘everyday’ tasks (lighting fireworks with children).

“Despite the quest format of the event, its topic is very serious,” said Yulia Sotnikova (Moscow), an expert consultant in the field of safety culture. “Today more and more companies understand that they seem to have it all, labour safety services and laws. However, they lack the so-called fifth element for it to work, to have zero injuries, accidents and incidents. Safety culture is the very element that helps in achieving these goals.

Indeed, the prevailing mentality of people makes them bypass or completely ignore these rules and safety laws. Therefore, another forum aspect was ‘involvement’: the teams developed their proposals to improve the situations and solve problems related to effective labour protection.

“Any person, when uncontrolled, will start violating one day,” said Vitaly Dobrovolskikh, a forum participant. “Which is why the topic of safety culture needs to be developed. It should be inside us, be part of our personality. Staying at the facility, he or she must understand that this is about their safety, their health, and they must follow the rules. We are looking for how to ‘instil’ this.”

Based on the teams' performances, the experts picked the best proposals and considered the possibilities of their implementation at SUEK.

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