SUEK continues to support regional medicine to stop the spread of COVID-19

14 April 2020
SUEK has promptly adopted and is now delivering a comprehensive programme to support hospitals in the regions where the company operates and to take additional preventive measures at the company's facilities.

In particular, this programme includes the purchase of two up-to-date digital X-ray machines, 30 oxygen modules for supporting the lungs in the event of acute pneumonia, components for supplying a mixture of oxygen and compressed air into the lungs, oxygen humidifiers, disinfectants, saline solutions, around 420,000 protective, disposable and reusable masks and respirators, approximately 11,000 protective clothing sets (overalls, hood, shoe covers and protective goggles), 110,000 pairs of sterile gloves and protective equipment for staff and patients. The company provides additional financing to medical institutions in mono-industry towns and at SUEK's facilities.

SUEK continues to render assistance to hospitals, given their needs and the latest data on the spread of COVID-19.

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