SUEK constructs new heat distribution network in Belovo

21 May 2020
SUEK's project for the construction of a heat distribution network from Belovskaya GRES to replace six boiler houses in Belovo in the Kemerovo region has been approved at public hearings and will be added to the master plan of Belovo.

The public hearings were hosted by the administration of Belovo. All town residents, representatives of SUEK, and the municipality were invited to participate.
Introducing changes to the master plan of Belovo and including the heat distribution network from Belovskaya GRES in the list of locally important facilities were key topics of the hearings.

The uniqueness of Belovo lies in its territorial segregation. It consists of several small 'towns': the town centre, four urban-type settlements and two rural settlements.
Each part of the town has its own social infrastructure and independent heat and water supply systems, each with a critical degree of wear. The town centre has the most boiler houses, with short stacks, coal depots adjacent to apartment block yards and above-ground heat networks.

SUEK's project can fundamentally change this situation. Single heat distribution network with a total length of 12.4 km will be laid from Belovskaya GRES through several town boiler houses. In this manner, six inefficient heat sources will be shut down.

For the most part, underground pipe will be used for the construction of the new heat distribution networks. The existing above-ground pipes will be dismantled, which will improve the strong image of Belovo.
SUEK will finance the bulk of the heating main construction from the power plant to the town which totals over $15m. The relocation of municipal heat networks will be funded from the federal budget.

Additionally, the company will invest more than $8m in the upgrade of generating equipment at Belovskaya GRES in order to enhance its heating capacity, improve water treatment, revamp the existing pumping station, etc.

In March 2020, Belovo was included in the list of pilot projects for the modernisation of housing and utilities’ infrastructure in Russian towns, the so-called '60 Plus' Programme. For these purposes, Belovo will additionally receive about $12m.

Private and public investment in the town of Belovo will make it possible to create a new, more reliable and environmentally efficient heat supply system with an up-to-date digital dispatch and control system.

Public approval of SUEK's Belovo project is a green light for the start of design and construction work. The replacement of the above boiler houses should be completed by the beginning of the 2021-2022 heating season.

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