SUEK among leaders of WWF rating of mining companies

11 December 2017

On 11 December, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) presented the results of its Russian environmental responsibility rating of mining and metallurgical companies. SUEK ranked within the top ten overall, as well as among the top five in the group "Environmental Management" and the top ten leaders in "Environmental Impact".

The environmental responsibility rating of mining and metallurgical companies is carried out by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in cooperation with the UNDP / GEF / Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia with the participation of the National Rating Agency. The rating exercise compares the level of environmental responsibility of mining companies and the extent of their environmental impact, including on biodiversity. The rating was introduced in March 2017, with SUEK already then recognised as a leader in environmental responsibility.

Ensuring environmental safety, minimising environmental production risks and protecting the environment are integral parts of SUEK's sustainable development strategy. The Group is implementing a series of measures for the protection of atmospheric air, such as the degassing of mines and utilisation of coal-bed methane, the protection of water resources with wastewater treatment initiatives, as well as programmes targeting energy efficiency, land reclamation and biodiversity conservation. SUEK plans to invest around RUB 3.5bn (about US$ 60 million) in environmental protection initiatives over the next two years.

SUEK's environmental activities have been repeatedly acclaimed. In particular, it was the recipient of the EraEco award (with the support of the UNIDO and the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ecology of the Russian Federation), the Evolution Awards, and the Eco Best Award.

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