State Duma Deputy supports SUEK's projects for ash and slag reuse

10 June 2021

Dmitry Islamov, Deputy of the Russian State Duma, during his visit to the Tom-Usinskaya GRES in Kuzbass discussed the prospects for the industrial use of ash and slag materials from the power plant. The meeting with the plant's staff took place as part of the deputy's working trip to the Kemerovo region.

Dmitry Islamov is convinced that ash and slag from power plants should be priority materials used in the construction of roads and rehabilitation of lands disturbed by coal mining.

"The use of ash and slag from coal-fired power plants in the construction of roads is a common international practice. Their use, firstly, reduces the cost of such construction, and secondly, it preserves natural resources," Dmitry Islamov said.

For example, the cost of a road built with the use of ash and slag materials can be 1.5–2 times less compared to a similar construction involving natural components.

This will become possible at Tom-Usinskaya GRES in the near future. According to Yury Kotov, the director of Tom-Usinskaya GRES, the power plant will see major equipment upgrades in the next five years, including the replacement of generators and the renovation of boilers at power units No. 6, 7, 8 and 9. Both the generator and the turbine will be replaced at power unit No. 3.

Besides, by 2025, the plant will build three cooling towers. Ash and slag materials from the Tom-Usinskaya GRES will be used to construct a temporary road to them.

SUEK also proposes to use ash and slag materials from Kemerovo power plants for the construction and reconstruction of sections of the North-West Kemerovo Bypass. The new road will be part of the Siberia federal highway and will relieve local transit traffic pressure.


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