Special Parents School held in Nazarovo with SUEK’s support

15 October 2019
The Special Parents School is the name of a training workshop held in Nazarovo, Krasnoyarsk region, at the Integrated Social Service Centre. Workshop participants were parents raising children with severe illnesses: cerebral palsy and central nervous system disorders. For two days, experts from Moscow trained them in home rehabilitation techniques to be used between treatments at medical facilities.

This workshop was organised by the ‘Gift to an Angel’ charitable foundation, supported by SUEK and ‘SUEK to the Regions’ foundation. For the second year, SUEK together with ‘Gift to an Angel’, in partnership with the ‘DREAM SKI’ charitable and social programme and the ‘Polyany’ health resort of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, has been implementing a unique programme for the efficient rehabilitation of children in the Moscow region, by combining the state-of-the-art equipment and resources of‘Polyany’ with proprietary methods.

Over 30 mothers, raising special needs children, not only from Nazarovo but also from neighbouring territories, attended classes at the Special Parents School. According to the parents, the simple basic exercises taught by Moscow trainers satisfy one of the main conditions for the successful rehabilitation of their children, i.e. continuity. The classes were also informative for the Social Service Centre employees. ‘Communication with competent colleagues is very important for us,’ Galina Zaitseva, Head of the Integrated Social Services Centre rehabilitation department for disabled children in Nazarovo, commented. ‘Our centre supervises around 40 special needs children, and we want to give them the best care.’

According to statistics cited by the Special Projects Manager of the ‘Gift to an Angel’ charitable foundation, Eugeniya Serikova, there are more than 100 thousand children with cerebral palsy in our country. Only half of them receive systematic rehabilitation. Most often, the reason is the remoteness of specialised centres from children’s homes and the high cost of rehabilitation, which includes not only treatment but also transportation and accommodation costs. With this in mind, the assistance of large companies is invaluable.
‘What SUEK does for families raising children with cerebral palsy is very important,’Eugeniyasaid. ‘We regularly receive feedback regarding the improvement in health status of our patients and the involvement of parents in the process of their treatment. Most importantly, we get feedback on the emotional state of the parents: they feel supported and know they are not alone... Of course, help from a large company is important for them; they are very grateful... I also want to thank SUEK on behalf of our foundation for being responsive and caring for those children who perceive every single move as a real victory.’

In the regions of operations, SUEK and ‘SUEK to the Regions’ foundation implement a whole range of programmes aimed at improving the health of special needs children and their socialisation. With their support, the Krasnoyarsk region annually hosts a countryside family festival, ‘From Heart to Heart’, and an inclusive gala concert ‘Let There Always Be Me!’, offers trips along the Yenisei River , and hosts New Year's carnivals. Since 2016, ‘SUEK to the Regions’ has been participating in the replication of a project for the rehabilitation of people with health problems through skiing, ‘DREAM SKI’. Two weeks ago, this SUEK’s initiative was awarded at the MediaTEK All-Russian Competition in the ‘Social and Environmental Initiative’ category.

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