Murmansk Commercial Seaport tests leading edge industrial vacuum

15 January 2018
The principal difference between this latest industrial vacuum cleaner and its peers lies in its ability to create a truly high vacuum within the unit itself. Additionally, the new machine can operate year-round, including in temperatures as low as -20 °C.

The mobile vacuum loader Centurion LN1012 is manufactured by the Swedish group DISAB Vacuum Technology AB and is mounted on a Volvo truck chassis. It is designed to clean dust and cargo residues at berths, warehouses, as well as on both industrial and standard roads. The unit is equipped with a nearly 2.5 meter wide vacuum nozzle and has a tank volume of 12 cubic meters.

Tests highlighted the high-level of efficiency of the new equipment acquired by the Murmansk Port as part of its large-scale environmental programme. The Centurion LN1012 mobile vacuum loader will begin regularly cleaning the Murmansk port industrial site in the coming days. Another such unit is expected to be purchased in 2018. In total, Murmansk Port investments in environmental projects in the coming year could amount to more than RUB 1bn (about $18 million).

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