Murmansk Commercial Seaport launches another stationary dust suppression system

20 December 2017

Eleven stationary dust suppression systems are now operating year-long at the Murmansk Commercial Seaport

Four new water mist generators produced by Italian manufacturer EmiControls have been installed on elevated structures in the Cargo Area 1 territory. Also referred to as guns, these installations were specifically produced for the port. The systems are designed to operate in artic conditions, spraying a water mist in warm conditions and snow under colder temperatures, preventing wind erosion by covering bulk cargo warehouses and industrial roads.

Thanks to the 24 Quadrijet injectors and eight nucleators available on each generator, the units have a spray range of up to 110 metres. When factoring wind dispersal, each gun can provide dust suppression coverage on approximately 14.5 thousand square metres, which roughly represents two standard football fields.

The engines of the turbines designed to disperse the snow and fog are arranged to ensure minimal levels of vibration and noise.

A similar stationary dust suppression system has been operating at the Freight Area 2 of the Murmansk Port since July 2015. According to the Institute of Atmosphere, Russia’s leading atmospheric research institute, the concentration of coal particles in the air around the port fell by 49%.

In 2018, Murmansk Commercial Seaport plans to increase the capacity of its stationary dust suppression system in the Cargo Area 1 by installing another four such units.

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