Murmansk Commercial Seaport continues equipment modernisation programme

8 June 2020
The Murmansk Commercial Seaport continues its technical upgrade programme for 2020. While all work related to railway operations is suspended, the port has proceeded with the maintenance and upgrade of equipment and special machinery.

At the moment, the assembly of new machinery is underway: two SENNEBOGEN 875E hydraulic handlers, the most powerful in their class, which are mounted on a self-propelled single-track gantry, will be put into operation. Their commissioning is scheduled for next month.

They are used for unloading and loading railway gondola cars with bulk cargo. Each machine is equipped with a 5 m3 grab and is capable of unloading around 5 tonnes of cargo at a time. Moreover, the hydraulic drive makes handling operations very accurate and delicate.

These handlers are controlled by a joystick from the operator’s cab with a transparent floor providing a 180-degree view. In addition, four cameras, located around the perimeter, transmit video to the monitor inside the cab. As ordered by the port, both machines are equipped with a so-called 'winter pack', including an electric parking heater for the engine, cab and hydraulic equipment.

In total, The Murmansk Commercial Seaport operates 9 handling equipment units manufactured by SENNEBOGEN. The port will continue to upgrade its fleet of special-purpose machinery, as another SENNEBOGEN 850 machine is expected to arrive soon. Taking into account the new vehicles, the Murmansk Commercial Seaport now owns 11 machinery units produced by the German company.

It is worth noting that SENNEBOGEN's equipment has long been highly regarded at the Murmansk Commercial Seaport. It accelerates loading and unloading operations. Loading speed is one of the key factors for The Murmansk Commercial Seaport because of the intense cargo traffic, which is due to the facility’s uniqueness. Considering the ice-free Kola Bay, year-round navigation and deep-water berths, there are no alternatives to the port in the northwest and in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. This makes it especially advantageous for vessel charters heading in the direction of China. The Murmansk Commercial Seaport is a kind of bridge in the north of Russia that connects the Arctic and all the global logistics centres.

Murmansk Commercial Seaport continues equipment modernisation programme
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