Kuzbass and SUEK sign agreement on investment in modernisation and environmental upgrade of energy facilities

4 June 2021

Sergey Tsivilev, Governor of Kemerovo region, and Stepan Solzhenitsyn, CEO of SUEK, have signed an agreement to deliver a joint investment programme for modernising and making environmental upgrades to energy facilities in Kuzbass. The agreement provides for the modernisation of state district power plants operated by SUEK and that of the heat supply systems in the city of Kemerovo and Belovo urban district. A total of 1,165 MW of electric capacity will be upgraded, alongside building and replacing 81 km of heat networks, including main heat networks, while 13 coal-fired boiler houses will be closed down. The project will employ 130 builders.

Under the agreement, the company undertakes to finance the investment programme and meet all environmental standards. The Kemerovo regional administration will support the project and facilitate the provision of tax and other state incentives to intensify the investment process.

The parties to the agreement believe the investment programme to be fully in line with the objectives of environmental upgrades to Russian industrial companies set forth in the President's Letter to the Federal Assembly, and that it will further enhance the economic potential of the Kemerovo region. In addition, the modernisation of power plants and heat networks will create around 130 new jobs and improve the environmental situation in the largest urban agglomerations of Kuzbass, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk and Belovo, and the whole region.

Sergey Tsivilev said: "SUEK not only addresses major production issues in Kuzbass, but also pays increased attention to significant public programmes and projects aimed at improving the quality of life of Kuzbass residents and the environmental situation in the region."

Stepan Solzhenitsyn noted: "The modernisation of energy enterprises necessarily implies upgrading their infrastructure and reducing the environmental burden. It directly affects the standard of living and investment appeal of the region, and creates new centres of economic growth in Kuzbass."

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