ELSIB ships three large generators for hydroelectric and thermal power plants

12 March 2021
Early in 2021, ELSIB, a manufacturer of power generating equipment owned by SUEK, delivered several large orders for energy enterprises such as Mainskaya and Irkutskaya HPPs and Avtovskaya CHPP. The customers received three generators. Besides, in January, the plant completed a large modernisation project for the Ulan-Batorskaya CHPP-4. 

As of the beginning of the year, ELSIB had orders for the production, upgrade and repair of equipment of energy companies worth about $100m. By 2023, the company plans to increase its output by 2.5 times.

The plant shipped some of the products in January – February 2021: for a combined heat and power plant in St. Petersburg and for two hydroelectric power plants in Khakassia and the Irkutsk region.

In February, the company delivered a prototype of the TF-130-2U3 air-cooled turbine generator (with a capacity of 130 MW) to the Avtovskaya CHPP of TGC-1, St. Petersburg. Another similar turbine generator for this plant is ready for shipment after successful factory tests.
Also in February, ELSIB shipped a rotor shaft for the Irkutskaya HPP's hydro generator. Other assemblies are being shipped and installed at the power plant. This is the second of four SV-1160/162-68 hydro generators planned for delivery under the En+Group's New Energy hydroelectric power plant modernisation programme. The capacity of each unit is 113 MW.

Earlier, the plant supplied the first hydro generator to the Irkutskaya HPP, which was put into operation last November. Two more hydro generators are being manufactured at ELSIB.

At Mainskaya HPP, a RusHydro subsidiary, the installation of the first of three SV 1500/152-104 hydro generators (with a capacity of 107 MW each) is underway. The hydropower plant plans to commission the unit by the year's end. The second hydro generator is being manufactured and shipped. As for the third generating unit, it is already in the works. All three plant's hydro generators are scheduled for replacement by late 2023.

The order for the Mainskaya HPP is part of the programme aimed at the comprehensive upgrade of hydroelectric power plants at RusHydro's generating facilities.

In addition, in January 2021, ELSIB completed a major modernisation project for the Ulan-Batorskaya CHPP-4. After testing the TVF-125-2U3 turbine generator (125 MW), the upgraded power unit was put into operation. This was the final delivery as part of modernising this CHPP. Overall, the plant supplied three new turbine generators to the Ulan-Batorskaya CHPP and upgraded one more.

In 2020, ELSIB's revenue totalled $47.5m, including a net profit of $0.8m.

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